This game needs a major improvement in the communication area.

  • when playing with randoms this game is extremely difficult when it comes to communicating what needs to be done and with who.

    To start things off the first problem i have with this game is the chat is barely noticeable and doesn't have any visual/audio queues to bring notice to the fact someone is trying to talk to the team. On top of the chat being REALLY bland the chat can't even be used while dead, i've tried numerous times and it just flat out doesn't work.

    My suggested changes?

    • Make a quiet but noticeable ping sound every time a message is sent over the chat while also having an option to turn it off so people don't have an excuse to freak out about this being implemented
    • Make a little blinking light appear on the chat when someone sends a message (again same as last suggestion where you can have the option to turn it off)
    • I don't know if this is asking for to much but maybe an in game voice communication service? something like cs go where you can just press a button and communicate with people. (option to turn off/mute people of course)
    • AT LEAST allow me to use the chat while im dead for the love of god i have no idea why we can't use the chat while dead in the first place.

    just my thoughts for the game.

  • Or just take a look at how smite does communication, short commands that broadcast visually and also audio.

    The major thing for me is, this game is way to fast paced to not have voice comms.. this whole Curse Voice is a joke.

    1. Everybody hates 3rd party softwares.
    2. Curse voice is dead, and will never be able to compete with Discord/Teamspeak or voice chat implemented into all the games (see Blizzard)

    The software is just awkward, if they want to focus on having a seamless voice communication system, implement it within the game.

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