Graphical Settings are lacking.

  • The game itself is very fun, but I was unable to enjoy it to its fullest potential due to the limited options for graphical settings present in the options menu. I am running the game on a mid-level system, and I found it extremely hard to play, even on the lowest settings possible, as even then I found large drops in FPS and low responsiveness of the controls. If we are given more options for graphical settings, I feel that it will allow more people with worse systems to play and enjoy the game. Options such as textures, shadows, effects, etc.

    Otherwise, great game and it was fun to play when it wasn't running slower than a snail. I very much look forward to the full release.

    P.S. A Borderless window setting would be greatly appreciated.

  • Thank you for the feedback! We will definitively look into graphical improvements with the next patches and updates. Stay tuned! ;)

  • I agree!. this game seems likes it loads of fun but the graphical lag is way to horrific and im using a gaming system too. hope this gets fixed before the official launch.

  • @Nocnoz As a note, I also agree with the need of a borderless windowed setting. I shouldn't have to compromise a centimeter along the top of my screen just so I can navigate to other screens without closing the game. The delay of my computer switching from a fullscreen game to it being minimized just because I'm interacting with other applications is annoying. (sorry if I sound complain-y I'm just wordy)

  • I made video with GTX 1050 Ti performance fps test. When recording i lose about 3,4 fps so for cheap video card the game run well :)

  • Im running the game on a lower end pc but ive run other games that have higher requirements to run just fine but with this game my fps drops so low to 10 at some points so i am hoping in this future this game can become more lower end pc friendly in the future

    other than that the game is amazing

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