Spartacus stun OP?

  • I've had games where I can't basic attack or use an ability because his attacks knock me back with each blow. He gets anywhere from 5-12 hits in and all I can do is watch my character (the Black Knight) repeatedly be stunned without making any attacks back.

  • @Spidy88 Yep. Gettin steam rolled by teams of 3 Spartacus and any Long range/Shooter.
    They stun lock an enemy and make picks that way. Definitely needs to be limited to one per match in normal game play in the future.
    Make a free for all mode for doing cheese comps or whatever.

  • @bromanticjake Ya I'm really surprised they didn't hero limit. Tried playing the female shooter and between the animation delay and shot speed, exceedingly hard to hit anything that wasn't right in front of you. Not to mention your character stops moving while shooting. I feel like characters should slow while fighting but not stop outright. So many times I chase someone down only to have them outrun my melee attack that stops my character and has the slowest swing animation.

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