• Sooo. Cant change keybinds? Not everyone uses WASD to move. I personally have been using QWES since as far back as I can remember. Noway to change it?

  • @Synistor2k9 Apparently no way to change it at the moment. I personally use WERD so I feel your pain, especially when skills go on cooldown because I wanted to strafe.

  • I hear you. I'd like to use a PS4, but so far I'm seeing no way to make that work...

  • Actually, with a little help from some Devs, I got it working with a PS4 controller. Just forgot I needed the DS4 program & driver to confuse Windows into thinking my PS4 controller is an Xbox device.

    So hopefully that'll help those of you trying to use a Dualshock 4. As far as the keyboard people go, sorry I have no good news for you all.

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