Developers you asked for feedback, this my detailed feedback.

  • these are the only things i like so far:

    the graphics 10/10 :clap_tone1:
    the character design 10/10 (alona that booty lol) :clap_tone1:
    the way you play with the characters, i mean the shift dash over the stairs was my favorite thing, the abilities and the control, it feels unique. 10/10:clap_tone1:
    trap system is something that i really liked :clap_tone1:

    i liked the camara, it hides some stuff if you focus are the warriors and you could be surprise you don't keep watching the battlefields but you can also see the whole goal, you can change it with the mouse scroll depending the situation, so i didn't have the problem with the camara like some users, this is 3rd person game, not isometrict.

    also i didn't any problem with the character only able to move if they are not attacking, this helps to balance the things because when you have the orb you walk slowly and it could be a problem if they people are able to attack you and running like machines also this helps to do more team work you are more forced to pass the ball, so i understood the concept and the limitations since i have been playing mobas all my life i saw the combat very good maybe the hitbox with range heroes should be better.

    what i didn't like:

    the game mode.

    you guys already have the graphics, the nice character, the trap system and the nice way to play.

    so a game mode less simple, with creatures, jungle, and jungler able to use traps around it

    liners being able to build their own unique turrents, well that going to be unique and cool.

    you guys have more than 1 map, you can unifique these maps to make a game with a longer time to feel tension like eSports.

    no i'm not asking for a league of legends or dota clone, i just want a game mode with complex mechanics.

    2 lines at least with orb in the middle and able to give you money to buy more traps/turrets or stats to the team, events like "fight for the orb" is a good idea to leave lines.

    so many ways to make different an unique and success game mode, but stop creating maps with the same game mode.

    because that is no the way to go, the main reason you see dislike in youtube or other channels is because well the game mode so lazy and simple and the people just see it like a nba well it took me less than 4 games to give you this feedback, i'm still learning dota2/LoL after 4 years because i need to counter my enemies with objects, here i just buy stats, thanks for reading :grin: it was a long feedback, hope this going to help you in the future to create a good game mode, i don't want to sound rough but this one felt so boring i just came back to my other mobas.

  • @cybesky I think that's a great idea as well regarding the traps! All we can do is hope for the future that they will add more modes which I believe that they will. Cheers to the future!

  • @cybesky Unfortunately this game isn't made to be League or Dota. This game is meant to be far more fast paced than those and avoids the entire concept of a MOBA. I agree to have more game modes but I believe that those will come with time!

  • @Echrond well i was playing battlerite, i played almost more than 20 hours when it was free to play, it has nothing do with LoL/Dota, the only thing different between that game in this one is that you are able to use that orb like a nba game, you can use traps and stats upgrade, but this game sadly this game mode is awful, it feels more like nba game with heroes.

    for me it's just a wasted of graphics and characters design being able to fight in all maps for an orb, the concept is lazy and simple, the traps are also a joke to tanks, i see them with orb with alot traps walking like nothing,

    i would like mode more complex i didnt ask for dota2/lol if you have read, i asked for a game mode where i am able to do multiple things than just fight for a ball with traps, a better way to use the trap system and a complex object system instead simple stats, i know it won't happend xD.

  • @cybesky Things have to be re-balanced as do most alpha games, but I for one enjoy the game mode with the NBA style ball and goal. To each their own as they say but by no means do I think the concept is lazy, what concept isn't considered lazy in retrospect.

  • @Echrond it's simple, maybe lazy is a rough way to say, i just want to see in future and game mode more complex, i would like what they can do with this trap system, making them invisible in a map with more lines and a kind of revelator trap of course, the game has potential because the most important things are there, well some days ago i tested gigantic, also had the same problem with this game, all maps had the same goal, i don't think that is the way to go.

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