Alona's Light of Judgement changes

  • Alona's Light of Judgement seems to be the only damaging buildable in the game that doesn't cause fumbles, is there a reason behind this or is this a bug?

  • @Kizoru I agree that this should happen, perhaps not immediately as the beam hits them, but instead after a certain amount of time with the beam focused on them? I definitely agree that this should be a thing tho!

  • Agreed! Maybe even if its like after x amount of seconds of being locked on the same target. It's still really useful in choke areas for some dmg, but considering her E ability is hit or miss right now, this could help Alona a lot.

  • Huh, I was under the impression from watching previous Throwdown Thursdays that it does eventually cause a relic drop like you suggest, but I just tested it out in training mode with bots and they don't let go of the relic until they they die. I guess Death is the ultimate fumble?

    I feel like the timing should be that most players should be able to run past it without a fumble, but if they are seriously impeded it and they can't get away from it the mirror should do something eventually.

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