After an hour or so, came across the following graphical/placement/visual bugs.

  • Being based in the UK, I was experiencing come connection issues (Characters warping around, delayed inputs, etc) however from my first session of playing I came across the following and was unsure where to post it.

    Visual Bug:

    • When queuing for a a game and tabbing between menus, the 'Play' button on the home screen overwrites the search when going back to the main screen -

    Steps to recreate: When queuing, switch between menus. Not 100% recreation rate

    Minor Graphical Improvement?

    • Tiny gap between 'Select' bar and bottom of screen, minute but distracting. Possible to fill the gap? -

    I apologize if this is in the wrong section, I can move if necessary

  • Global Moderators

    @Skyrme Thanks for reporting this bug to us. This is indeed the proper location for this. I've passed this along to our dev team for review. Good job on catching this one!

    Have fun in the arena!

  • Will keep an eye out for future UI bugs. Having some trouble determining in-game bugs due to the aforementioned connection side of things. However after checking the ping it was only around 140ms, the warping seemed a bit excessive in places. Will try to investigate it a bit further and see if there is anything I can do my end to help it on its way.

    Many thanks again for the invitation to the Alpha!

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