What is your main weakness when it comes to breakaway?

  • After playing a couple of matches in both solo queue and with teams today i've noticed that my passing and communication need a major tuning job.

    My teammates would tell me "pass the ball" and i would just run right past them into a throwgram and a rowlins causing us more time needed to win or even the round. I've also noticed that I have an issue with communicating what I want to do in a proper fashion.

    I'll say "hey im running the ball in i could use some back up." when im already neck deep getting smacked by 4 different people.

    All in all I believe my offense and defense are where they need to be, what are ways you believe you can improve for this game?

  • @bromanticjake Alona and Morgan are my favorite characters to play as well. I love support characters. Thumbs up!

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    Apart from sometimes walking off the edge too much ... https://clips.twitch.tv/playbreakaway/EasyFalconDBstyle

    I'd say my biggest weakness is when I get the "bloodlust". When I see a low HP enemy, I'll chase them forever to get the kill. Come on Zin its a team game focused on the Relic, stop chasing ...

  • Assuming we get some more balancing and characters in the future, I'd say my weakness is kinda shoehorning myself into a support role in any game I play. :laughing:
    That being said, I do love how Alona and Morgan play, so I'm not complainin'!
    Forgetting to build every round, or actively breaking the enemy's buildables seems to be lacking in solo casual play too.

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