Alona ability feedback

  • Suburst
    Sunburst seems like an ability meant to be used as an escape or to cause a fumble. The range it affects is too small from what I've seen.

    I'll dash towards an enemy with the relic and feel like I should be in sunburst range and it doesn't connect. You have to be right next to someone for it to connect.

    When trying to get away from a melee, it's not really useful because generally your stun locked. Especially with Spartacus. It seems to be used in this situation to stun and then dash away, but you don't get the chance too. You could possibly make the ability trigger regardless of stun so you can actually escape.

    I'd never pick up the 4th perk that uses sunburst because it seems like a waste of a perk slot.

    Increasing it's range by 1.5 times it's current radius would be enough in my opinion.

    The amount healed by Radiance feels fine, but hitting targets with it feels a bit wonky. It puts a cross over the head of the target it will affect which helps a bit, but if I'm looking straight ahead at a tank with low health, I'd prefer it not hit the nearly full health dps to my left just because they are slightly closer.

    It should take which direction you are facing into account. Or it could be an ability you click once to target and a second time to confirm heal, but that seems like it would be to slow for how fast the movement can be in this game and there would have to be some kind of cancel key if it happens to target the wrong person.

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