My Thoughts of Breakaway Thus Far

  • After playing the game for about a days worth of game time, I've completely fallen in love with the game and the developers. I love the simplicity inside of it and especially the characters. Although it is in Alpha currently, it resembles more of a finished product than most early-alpha games released and I look forward to the new content that will be added in time. All of this review and feedback is purely my opinion that may not be parallel to another's view of the game and its state.

    While I've been mostly playing with a full team or mostly full team, I've seen the extent that communications helps and love that the game is working with Curse to add a communication to a team which is so vital in any team based game.

    The characters all feel completely unique and have great and stunning skill sets. Currently I am running Spartacus as my main character and love the play style inside and the ability to be able to chain together hits with the right timing. I have messed around with most of the other characters and throughout all of my matches, I've found that everything is well balanced in the line of characters.

    When it comes to re-balancing with any game, it is truly hit and miss for each player and their opinions. In my humble opinion, the biggest issue I see is with the perk that allows you to destroy buildables quicker and get more gold at the final tier of the perk. The ability on a ranged character such as Rawlings or Anne is unbalanced (in my opinion) and allows for them to back-line all of your traps and turrets and make bank while doing it allowing them to have a complete and dominant money advantage. I love the idea of the perk but wish it was toned down a little bit.

    As mentioned in a previous post by @Kizoru (, I find that Alona's Light of Judgement building seems to be lacking in the realm of fumbles. Every other damaging tower causes a player to drop the ball. While I don't think that the beam should target the character and force them to drop the ball immediately, I think that after being exposed to the laser after some time should force the player to drop the ball and retrieve it in consequence to just running through the turret defense wall.

    The last topic I wanted to discuss relates to the developers and their work on the game so far. I have nothing but respect for the devs as they have worked tirelessly to fix issues and bugs with the game. What inspires me to keep this respect and bolster it comes to the devs and their ability to listen to the community. They have done nothing but read their forums and complaints with open points of view and make changes that the PLAYERS have been asking for!

    In conclusion, Breakaway is a fantastic game that I will be returning to over and over during this alpha test run and I look forward to the content the developers are currently working on and that which will be released in the future.

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