A few improvments i think would make the game alot better!

  • So far I am really enjoying the alpha phase of this game, but there is however a few improvements that I think can be made.

    1. A in game chat system where people who aren't using the curse client can still type and get a message across to the team.
    2. A type of keybind system to announce key actions that are going down, like if your low health or something along those lines.
    3. Not sure if this qualifies but I would like to see another healer type class in the game, this might just be personal preference though

    These are just a few things that I think will help the game extremely and will update this post if I come across any other various improvements.

  • @BIoodeagle I believe there are a few quick chat options if you hit 3 on the keyboard, or up on the control pad if you play with a controller, though I think these were more tactics oriented (rush the relic, rush the buff, etc.) than status oriented if memory serves.

    I also believe you can chat in game as well, but it seems confusingly inconsistent when it allows you to do so. I can chat in the action (hit enter) but I can't chat when I'm dead? I can't chat (outside of quick commands) in character select? It's weird, and the messages aren't too visible unfortunately.

    More healers would be cool, but I'd like to see another melee fighter first, break up the Spartapocalypse we seem to have going on right now.

  • @BIoodeagle There is a in-game chat system currently! Use Y and U to communicate in ALL chat and TEAM chat! I agree with your other suggestion tho with a Smite style quick comms and I think we can assume that there are many more characters of different skills and kits along the way!

  • Ahh thank you guy, I had no clue there was a chat system in the game I'm about to join another one and will def. have to check it out now

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