FPS Issues

  • So my build is
    GFX: GTX 960(4gb vram)
    CPU: i7 5820k core clock 3.3ghz(I also tried to play OCed to 4.0ghz)
    MOBO: Asus x-99A
    ram: 4x4gb corsair 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2400
    Drive: seagate 7200rpm HDD
    OS: windows 10 x64

    My temps on my cpu don't rise above 37c and my GPU stays around 60c. I've tried playing with both my monitors plugged in, and with just one. I've played with graphics settings but it seems to function best at the high preset on 1920x1080. a friend of mine has a near identical build to me(same RAM,CPU,and GPU), with SSDs instead of HDDs(he's also on windows8) and he says his game plays smooth.

  • I fixed it. It was my own ignorance when I was building my PC. turns out I had my GFX card plugged into an x8 PCIE slot instead of the x16. my MOBO is set up weird and there's only one x16 slot, which is the one right up against my CPU cooler. Anyway game works nicely now thanks for the attempted help folks.

    and a PSA to all you like me who built their own PC despite total ignorance: use your PCIE slot 1 for your graphics card.

  • Also, I use a power adapter to connect to the internet.

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    @Ins0mniZack I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with your FPS while trying to play Breakaway. For us to troubleshoot, we do have some questions regarding the computer.

    Running or streaming anything in the background?
    Country of Origin:

    Can you please also provide a link to the power adapter so we can look into possible issue that may be causing this issue?

  • The only other thing running in the background was Discord, which three of us were using and I was the only one experiencing issue. Here Is the power adapter. If it helps I'm on Verizon Fios, my average tested speed is 20/22. I'm on the east coast NA.

    I've tried playing with/without windows defender and my firewall. I've tested wifi. I've fully re-installed my GFX driver. I repaired my chipset drivers. I've played with some of Nvidia's control panel's settings to try to push some extra FPS out. nothing really seems to make a difference. Also on top of the frame rate, I get this kind of massive motion blur when I move my mouse too fast that's really jarring and makes me lose all sense of what's happening.

  • also I'm playing on this monitor over HDMI at 60hz(I broke my DVI cable so 144hz is currently out of the question)

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    @Ins0mniZack Have you tried turning down your graphic settings to low and working your way up from there? If this doesn't resolve your issue, let us know and we will get some information from you and send it over to our developers!

  • That's the first thing i did

  • Maybe your monitor is running the game too fast so your jolting since there is no cap on your FPS can a dev post console command to cap your fps

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    @Ins0mniZack I'm glad you are now able to play breakaway! Have fun and go ham :pig2:

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