can't join the match "green Tea"

  • Hello ,
    everytime i try to join a match , after the countdown nothing happens until the error "green Tea" appears after 3-5 min.
    I am from Germany, if it matters

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    @Lord211Philipp I'm sorry to hear that you are getting this error message while trying to join a game. This error is due to the servers being located in the US. You may experience connectivity issues to the servers caused by living in Germany with the servers being located in the United States.

  • same error, can't connect from Poland

  • is there a fix for this?

  • I'd really like to know that too. I'm from Germany myself and I tried to play at least one match over the last 3 days - without success. I tried at least for 10-15 before quitting. So if there is a fix I might be very interested in it.

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    @Lord211Philipp we would like to look into this further for you, please provide the following information below:

    Twitch ID:
    Version of Windows:
    Amount of physical RAM:
    Video Card:
    Running or streaming anything in the background?
    Wired or Wifi:
    Time Zone:

  • Same error here. I was able to play my first game, but haven't been able to get into one since. I'm in California.
    Twitch ID: 0nikoroshi (that's a zero at the beginning)
    Version of Windows: 10 (64bit)
    Amount of physical RAM: 8GB
    Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series
    Streaming Netflix in the background

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    Much appreciated, I had sent you some information on sending in the logs based on your previous comment on a related post.


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