Warriors Menu presentation

  • Hey all,

    Here's some feedback based on the Warriors menu as it currently is in Alpha.

    1) No base stats without going in-game is a pain to navigate
    Let's say I want to know off-hand what would be max speed Spartacus. I have to go into practice mode, buy the item, then note it down. Having the option to get the stats prior to trying out the warrior would lead to more focused strategies even at this very early stage.

    2) What does "Ranged Support" have to do with pushing a relic?
    This is more of a personal gripe, but the current short descriptions of each warrior's role is too mired in MOBA descriptions and while this game is heavily inspired by these, I'd say emphasizing roles in more of a sports stance (considering the rest of the game's presentation is very sports like) may be better in the long run.

    3) Cannot view Warriors page while searching for match
    Currently it's not very useful, but later on in the game's life being able to stare at our stuff would be good.

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