Healer Class Adjustment

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    So far the game seems promising. its face paced enough where its not boring and somewhat strategic in the sense of game play. Ive mostly been playing the healer class and so this is just suggestions towards that. Ive noticed with this class that bothered me was with the "Q" skill range is too short. during the heat of battle i would assume that I'm close enough to execute it but then it goes off without actually healing anyone because apparently the distance was not close enough. so i feel that should be changed. Also i feel like there should be some type of radius circle (faintly visible) to say if you are in range or not ( since the skills in game are instant cast skills) otherwise I'm really just assuming that someone is in range when in reality they are not. Another suggestion, in general is if the ability to shoot and or damage through your own teams destructibles may or may not be a good idea. i noticed times where im trying to hit someone and I'm just hitting my destructible which kinda sucks because then you have to run around to get a better angle to shoot them or hit them with your own skill. As far as the E skill its the same problem... the radius is WAY too short for it to be effective to actually hit someone unless they are right up on you so that also needs to be increased. Everything else so far seems to be ok but if i have any other suggestions i will let you know. thanks for listening!


  • @teknomanslade0 If someone is within range of your and will be the target of your Q heal, they will have a cross above their head.

  • @PhoenixKA oh i know that but at the same time how often are you REALLY trying to focus on that when multiple people are being fought at including yourself. i understand the concept but i would prefer a different method if possible

  • The healer class is good enough at this moment the ranges seem fine as long as you pay attention to your team and the icon above their heads. Just practice her and youll get better :)

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