Victor, The Shockingly Bursty Warrior: A Quick Guide

  • Hey everyone, Kalo here! Oh my goodness Alpha is upon us, and with it comes a beautiful new map, Atlantis, and one of my new favorite warriors, Victor! This is a really quick guide that will likely be expanded on and edited later: the goal here is to give players who want to try Victor help with their first steps without overwhelming anybody. I will be making more articles about him to generate deeper thought about his effectiveness and to give my personal thoughts on where I believe he fits best within the Breakaway roster later on. (For context, I got to play Victor a week before alpha began when I was flown down to the studio for the first ever Community Throwdown Thursday.) Also, please keep in mind that balance changes are inevitable, especially this early on, so my opinions on him may also change in the future. That being said, let’s talk Victor!

    Ability wise, Victor is a fairly standard burst mage, with the capability to deal tons of damage quickly, but with obvious downfalls to balance that, primarily in his lack of mobility (he not have any movement abilities like dashes or blinks). When playing Victor, you typically want to stick behind your team. Aggressive warriors like Black Knight and Spartacus are likely to seek you out as easy prey, so sticking near a teammate, being aware of your Shock Field’s cooldown, and/or keeping the position of your Turbine (the buildable that stuns opponents close to it) in mind are always important.
    While his low mobility may seem like a reason to avoid carrying the relic, one has to keep in mind that every warrior can slide down slopes to pick up speed and has the invulnerable dash available to them. Along with this, even if the relic is knocked out of your hands, you have your shield to hide in and threatening area of effect ultimate to make opponents think twice about chasing you down. Use these tools sparingly to find openings, and remember how easy it is to punish Victor when going into any potentially risky situation.

    Victor’s buildables are some of the strongest in the game, hands down. First up, the ironically named Jacob’s Ladder makes for some very effective defense shenanigans. Preventing opponents from jumping near it, it turns the rocks near the sides of each base on El Dorado into fortress walls that you have to go around, and makes the classic slide-down-the-stairs-and-jump-the-gap-onto-the-statue move a lethal booby trap. Alongside it, the Turbine makes swiftly running through bases with buildable damage to demolish a castle very difficult, especially for melee warriors. Be aware though, because skilled opponents will understand how to jump over the Turbine’s stun, so putting both of your buildables together is something to consider as well. If you’re defending, forcing fights near these provides massive CC value, giving you easy targets to hit with your ability combos.

    Speaking of which, those combos: they’re simple to pick up, but there are some strong mastery tactics that can be done with practice and some game sense that will leave your opponents shocked! The most basic one is hitting your Static Burst, then following it with other abilities like Wild Arc or your ultimate, Maelstrom -- this is simply to proc the Static Charge left by Static Burst that explodes when the affected opponent is hit with another one of your abilities, dealing even more damage in an area.
    Some other more simple but overlooked tactics include using your primary attacks between abilities for maximum damage output, and jump attacking, which, while I will say feels a bit clunky on Victor due to his long attack animation, can help combat your lack of mobility.
    Lastly, the idea of using Victor’s shield as a wall, both offensively and defensively. As I said before, he isn’t the best runner, but he can truly excel at escorting teammates who are. If you’re on a breakaway with a teammate and opponents are catching up, simply plop the shield down to cut off their path: they’ll either have to go around it or just get popped backwards. Same goes for defense: set up a Thorgrim wall maze with only one opening, then if opponents are ever trying to push through that opening, plop that Shock Field down again to form an immovable object!

    P.S. Shoutout to developer BelirDarkstone for bringing up the idea of aiming Wild Arc at buildables when near enemies: they are stationary targets, so you’ll get the guaranteed hit on opponents after it bounces off the buildable first! I had thought about this tactic but never got to test it during our play session!

    Victor has some obvious synergies with other warriors in the current roster, primarily with Black Knight and Morgan. This is due to both of these warriors’ ability to keep opponents in a close area, prospectively with Black Knight’s Ult and Morgan’s Circle of Spite. The epitome of this would be to get all three together for a giant wombo combo, and I’m excited to see if any group will pull it off during the alpha.
    That aside though, he also has some other, more subtle synergies. As I mentioned before, using his shield in between Thorgrim walls as an immovable object, literally closing the crevice opponents want to push through is a strong option. To again help combat his immobility, Spartacus’ ramp and Anne Bonny’s trampoline can help keep him on the move. With Anne Bonny specifically, pairing Victor with her makes for the strongest backline you can have, albeit a fairly vulnerable one. There’s definitely some food for thought in balancing how you build him to match the team you’re on.

    I’ll say it flat out: you’re going to want to build attack damage at some point in the game. That being said, you don’t necessarily have to start with it. My personal preference is getting the passive gold from philosopher’s stone, because against better teams, kills don’t happen as often: that being said, if you’re confident and playing public matches, you can try your luck with the mercenary contract! After grabbing a couple of tiers into that gold item, work your way towards that heroic attack damage, then read your situation. Lots of tanks? Armor pen. Getting focused a lot? Consider armor or health. Otherwise, cooldown reduction is another favorite for Victor. For extreme late game, you’ll want to sell your gold generating item and pick up another tanky item or my personal favorite, Reaper. The point here is that item building is really situational (that being said, if you’re really just looking for a build, go Gold Generation > Attack Damage > Two Tiers into health > Cooldown > Finish Health > Sell Gold Generation > Reaper).

    And that’s it! Like I said, this is a shorter guide, but feel free to ask any questions or add thoughts, criticisms, and additions down below! Thank you for reading, stay safe, stay beautiful, and until next time: electrify them. ;)

  • GODDDD ty for this! Victor is like... the best character in the game so bless up :heartbeat:

  • Great guide, I'll definitely have to give him a try now lol

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