Detailed feedback after two days of nonstop Breakaway

  • I really enjoy Breakaway, I think it's very fun and has the potential to be a really great game. I realize this is still alpha obviously so this is my honest feedback and I'm really interested to see how things continue. I'll try to compartmentalize each subject on this so it's easy to read and/or follow.

    I don't want this to look like I'm complaining because I'm asking for a lot of changes. I genuinely enjoy the game and really feel like this could be a great competitive game with a lot of staying power.

    -On the stats screen after the MVP is decided, I occasionally get the wrong character's voice line coming across. For example I'll play Rollins (?spelling) and I'll get the voice pack for Anne Bonny playing at the stats screen.

    -I've had the game just randomly crash on me while sitting in the menu doing nothing. Hasn't happened much, it's rare, but there's no error message or anything that pops up.

    -Probably a known bug but having to reset the perks/skins/taunts of your warriors every time you reboot the game is pretty annoying and tedious.

    That's all for bugs that I can remember off the top of my head.


    -The gold buff on Atlantis feels really strong. I'd like to see that nerfed a little bit as the team who gets it has a massive chance to snowball off of that alone. 750 gold feels like too much. I'd be cool with 500. What my team usually does is have one character (usually Ann Bonny) rush Buildable Destruction level 2, take gold, and we just snowball out of control from there. I really don't think the gold buff should be that powerful. The armor buff just becomes an afterthought after gold and relic secure.

    -The targeting range on Rollins, Ann Bonny, and other ranged warriors is very unclear. I'd like to see a more accurate targeter because a lot of times (especially with rollins) I'm just HOPING i'm in range.

    -Please invert the minimap to be consistent with whatever side your team is playing on. This is one of my biggest complaints. Minimaps are super important in games like these and the fact that the map is backwards if you aren't on the default spawn side is incredibly confusing. I've actually lost games because I thought the ball was in a different spot based on the minimap not inverting. Also side note, the arrow on the map feels lopsided. If we could get a more "pointy" arrow or something that would be cool.

    -On the subject of the minimap, I'd like to be able to see what specific buildables are where at least for my own team instead of just seeing a bunch of X's. I tank a lot and not knowing where Alona's healing buildable is placed is kinda annoying.

    -Okay let's be real, I really don't like the minimap at all. Please do an overhaul on it where it has more detail and INVERT PLEASE.

    -The animations on victor's abilities look a little unclear and transparent. If I'm using his Q it's not always easy to see amid the clutter. Maybe consider making his abilities have a color that "pops" more? I have the same issue with Morgan's Q ability as it's super hard to see where your ability is going.

    -Morgan's E ability is really annoying to aim. I've had the same issue with Victor's ult. The deployable AOE's in general need a better targeting format.

    -The fact that you can't use the Text chat when you're dead is kinda weird. That really is the optimal time to talk to people otherwise you'll just die or waste time in a match typing. Please change this.

    -Black Knight's right click ability feels unresponsive on occasion. If there was a clearer animation for when it's casting, that would be very helpful. I play quite a bit of Black Knight and that's my only real problem with him.

    That's all I've got for now off the top of my head. I'll make another post adding onto my feelings on the game once the weekend is over. I'm really excited for the future of this.

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    Thanks for all the feedback, keep it coming. Don't worry about sounding negative, there is a lot we can improve and we want to hear what you think needs the most attention.

    I'll take a look at the bugs and we'll triage them asap.

    As for the suggestions. Some great discussions here. Couple thoughts from my end:

    • gold buff: this is the only bug that has cumulative effects, so we need to balance that accordingly. it may be a touch strong, i'll review some more with the design team
    • mini-map: good discussion, I think there is a lot we can do to improve it. It won't happen immediately, but we'll get there
    • aiming AoEs: I've seen this feedback on other threads other. They had some good suggestions to solve (options to set those to two press activation, where first press shows range, and second fires; or same thing but on release). we'll review our options and improve in the future

    Thanks again for the feedback and discussion!

  • @ThatGingerrGamer I mean I didn't get mad, this is something that people i play with as well as myself have noticed and would like to have improved. Also I disagree, the minimap is incredibly important ESPECIALLY in a game like this. A top down view of everything going on showing the complete layout of the current game is always preferable to just seeing the outline of characters through walls. Positioning is key in Breakaway. I don't feel like I'm even asking too much.
    You are right, the gold buff isn't horribly snowbally, however it not only benefits the current round you secured it but every round afterwards. If the same team keeps getting it then that's a very easy way to get your team fed.

  • @burritosuprem3 agree with everything you said here, and the ping in the minimap is very important, it keeps the players attentive and careful, it needs at least buttons to ping where the ball is or ping to the crystals so the whole team can cordinate the game.

    @ThatGingerrGamer not trying to offend you but i think you don't know enough about multiplayers arenas ^_^, i'm always watching the map every time i try to destroy a trap or take a crystal.

    @burritosuprem3 the targeting system is bad too, there are multiple ways to make it clear when you are at range to attack a player instead just changing the target-icon, this is not a shooter like COD where you don't need to think about range so much, here we have alot limitations to make the game fair.

    with a mini icon on the floor where my range is good idea, paragon had this problem too and they resolved it with this way after 1000 feedback sure xD, hit-box with range warriors is also bad, they need to work alot there and morgan should be able to hold her aoe attack with a icon to use it where she wants ^_^, this game is not isometric that is the main reason.

  • I agree with the minimap issues. Every time i tried looking at it was because i was running to base to heal but still wanted to check on the action, however I got no info from it in the short time i tried to read it, I guess it wasn't simple enough for me to be able to interpret it in a split second. Maybe I had troubles because it was upside-down.. that would explain my confusion.

  • @cybesky The minimap for this game is pretty pointless, I myself look at the traps when I push and normally there isn't many left if you're handling them properly. When taking down a trap or crystal, it's more beneficial to position yourself looking towards the action instead of back to it looking at a map that doesn't offer much detail... If you're looking at the map and see someone coming where are you going to run? If you're facing them you can see much more than using the map. It's more beneficial to position yourself looking towards them. In this game anyway. Not all multiplayer arenas.

  • @ThatGingerrGamer all right explain us how do you cordinate the team to take a crystal or a buff or to go to a place if you can't ping the map, speaking or writing, yeah we have enough time after match starts yeah sure lol xD.

    play gigantic the map is short too and you can ping the bases to invoke or destroy things. in atlantis you can't see your back and what is going on behind you if you are destroying a trap near the base of the enemy, at least auto ping like gigantic is necessary.

    only you don't use the map, it's there for a reason, dude use it it's useful, you can see where the ball is if you are fighting to kill someone, you can cancel that battle and go back to defend your base to stop the person with the ball. in el dorado is not that useful but in atlantis it's 100% useful, stop saying that the map is pointless. only you is saying that.

  • @cybesky ctrl +3 and then select the quick chat you want to perform. no worries.

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    @burritosuprem3 Just wanted to second what @Zin_Ramu said. Thank you so much for taking the time to write all of this up. We really appreciate it.

  • @burritosuprem3 Then it's up to your team to control the buff more, not for the game to nerf it to the ground, reducing to 600 instead of 500 seems fair.

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