Movement delay

  • I always have delayed movements in casual matches. And what I mean is that when I move the mouse to change the way my character looks at, it has a little delay which is visible and iritating. Although, I don't have this problem in the test a warrior thingy.

    My GPU is GTX 750Ti is someone's wondering.

  • This is just latency to the game server, currently the worse your connection to the server the more delay in your character's actions. Our netcode is just in an alpha state, we are going to be constantly improving it in future releases. (It'll get better, I just don't know when yet)

    in practice mode, there is very little latency since you are running in a map on your own client.

  • I have this same issue, I will have roughly 60ms and still have Large input delay where I will hold w a minute before It wont register then I will walk off the map and I can't stop it. So aggravating and ruining the game for me because I can't control my own hero over 60% of the time I want to connect to US central data servers but I think im connecting to other data centers so this may be the problem. I think this because when I alt + enter It goes into windowed mode it shows ping of US west AND us east and that is a problem I believe.

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