• Feedback from long-term player and alpha tester:

    1. Engine/server - first, most important thing when it comes to checking how server works or engine is adding two, little stupid things; they are called ping and fps counters, looked for them everywhere but never found them. Game is clunky, it should be server side (if it is correct explain me where the fuk they are, Africa?). With this state of game performance is really hard to make good feedback how mechanics work/game idea from devs (it will get punishment anyway). Before next alpha test fixing playability of the game should be most important thing, best quality servers with a polished engine, if you want accurate feedback about game give environment which will allow it. Characters respond and react strange to player's commands

    2. Gameplay - average at the best. Relic carries should get 30-40% movement debuff to enforce strong teamplay when going for point and when player loses relic he shouldn't be able to pick it up in next 5-10 sec, it will enforce more strategy and less headless chicken runs as far as possible or throwing it over and over. Relic pushing is unique feature but right now is the worst aspect of the game, opponent is going for buffs? Ignore them, make relic rush like headless chicken and win the game, doing buffs seems more like waste of time and begging for lose than gaining adventages. Relic should spawn X-minutes into the game and there should be penelties for losing outside mentioned earlier cooldown before being able to pick it up again.

    3. Deployables - some feels completely useless like the ones on Morgan Le Fay and are easy to play around them and are more free gold to enemy than defense for allies.

    4. Miscellaneous:

    • Items in match shop - quantity over quality, in attack line I don't see reason using other than penetration and dmg increase, defense line armor, hp and regen and in utility movement speed and cooldown. That give ~50% of items in game being useless, they should be reworked.
    • UI - While looking for match players should be able to look into every tab outside watching streams (or made it the way stream will be forced to stop when match is found). In match minimap should be less transparent. For ranged attacks there should be UI feature (straight line) which shows you range of your attacks and with ranged/aoe skills holding the skill button should show radious/range of ability and while holding it right click won't use dodge ability but will cancel the hold one.
    • Atlantis map - too big for 4v4 format or just gives worse gameplay compared to other one.
    • Instant replay - give player ability to skip it, or scrap it (or don't and give ability to skip it) and put "play of the match" thing into it.
    • Balance - on this state of the game there shouldn't be a lot to talk about it (there are more important things to do) but Spartacus is too easy, 2! movement abilities, 2 crowd control abilities (okey, one is ult but still) doing good amount of damage, forward momentum in basic attack, so he was made to allow every trained monkey to play him and be good (or for idiots who only heard about him from TV series)? He lacks only debuffing, self-healing and ranged attack to be complete. Compared to other characters he stand out, and it's not in positive way.
    • Clone wars - one character per team, no Overwatch bullshit in here please.

    Right now you should focus on technical aspect of gameplay and UI to prepare game moving into beta stage and during beta there should be introduced new content and strong focus on balance with last polishing touch toward technical aspect and UI. Don't force too much on yourself during alpha and focus on things most important during alpha stage.

    I am not going to pet you on your heads, as long as I am interested in this game be prepared to take it rough.

  • I might not agree on everything but good god the game would be "instantly" better if the Instant Replay either was sped up or was removed entirely.

  • I absolutely agree with nearly everything said above (especially the "gameplay" section), but the reason I felt the need to weigh in is that I feel the exact opposite about Atlantis.

    The game is MUCH better on that map, in my opinion. The other map is too small, resulting in extremely fast matches that are chaotic and lack true team play. I actually enjoyed this game the most when two players were dropped and it was 3v3 on Atlantis.

  • The relic carriers do get a speed debuff but I do agree that it is a bit too little right now. Obviously if they tune it down too far, the chance of goal scores goes down (almost exponentially), so I think the devs need to be very careful because if it becomes too hard to do it, the game just defeated it's own purpose. Maybe another -5% from where it is now.

    When it comes to the buffs, first with the offensive side, while the last one I believe is very questionable, the damage bonus against structures and buffs is very strong. At Lv 4, it makes you do 2.5x damage to everything, which makes securing both buffs and tearing through your opponent's base a lot easier. It is more useful on the ranged characters but it is still very useful. As for the utility line, the gold generation one can be useful albeit does need a slight buff in my opinion.

    As for Atlantis, I think it is the more interesting of the two maps and better. Is it larger? At a minimum it feels that way, but that is because there is much more terrain to move around and what not. I think the problem with Atlantis is actually the Gold Buff, not the map itself.

    All the other complaints/concerns I do think are rather valid.

  • With gameplay the main problem is damn way game works from technical side. With game working properly gameplay feedback could be more accurate, now is hard, environment to play isn't the best.

  • A lot of the things commented here are resolved via practice just chill and play the game and itll seem better every game! But you have maybe 1 or 2 decent points ;)

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