Auto Twitch Clip from replay

  • Twitch clips should be able to be made from replays immediately as they show up right from in game or have the option to download em to your PC to edit and upload later :D

  • This would be difficult to implement as it would require you to clip certain moments the more realistic implementation is recording games and allowing you to go through the game and clip your highlights :)

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    I've had a blast looking through some of the Twitch clips for the Alpha (other than the one Brent clipped of me where I fall of the ledge twice in one game ...

    We should compile a top 10 list from the alpha... (I've heard there is a godspeed v2)

    We'll take a look at this and see what is possible. Probably not our highest priority, but maybe some day.

  • @ThatGingerrGamer they already do the instant replay in game I just mean exporting that as a twitch clip immediately :D since Lumberyard has so much Twitch integration I thought it was more feaseable however I do not really know that much about Lumberyard per se. I tried but the UI is so confusing for me, I'm WAY too used to Unity at this point lol.

  • @Flip_Shock The instant replays are implemented however to allow them to export them is the issue, it would be a lot easier for you to replay the whole game and the timeline display end of rounds, this would allow you to jump to the position easier and possibly catch cool plays that were not seen in the round end replays. But I agree this should indeed be a feature :D

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    I would say don't get too caught in the technical feasibility aspect. Let us know what you'd like to see from replay/clip functionality and we'll see what we can do to make it happen. Solving those types of problems is what makes my job fun.

    I'm with @Zin_Ramu too...I've loved some of the clips we've seen from the community thus far. We've also talked about the idea of being able to auto-clip from in game to help with bug reports, highlights, etc.

    On a side note, I hear that Godspeed guy is pretty good: (clip courtesy of @Nov4cane)

  • @ReticentCouch @Zin_Ramu

    You already do the instant replay what I mean is during the replay there's a button that says: Make Twitch Clip. This will export it as a twitch clip. For the streamer side is where I think the tougher cookie is since they might want to also capture their reaction but maybe you can grab their screen/web cam using OBS just like you integrated into Metastream with OBS?

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