The Ultimate Feedback

  • Alrighty so heres all my feedback as of yet including a section on bugs I have come across myself. So without futher a do here we go...

    Alona and other AOE's
    For new players that come into this game understanding the abilities can be difficult enough, including learning where to place them.

    After discussion between myself and some friends we have come ti the conclusion that AOE abilties (not left click) should have an indicator for the area it will hit. This indicator can be toggled in the settings, when activated an AOE such a viktors R or black knights R will first whoe a region that will be impacted on first button press. After hitting the button again it will cast the AOE ability.

    Alona and AOEs alike for instance alona already has an indicator for her normal heal ability however I strongly beleive an indicator if be the medical icon above peoples heads should be displayed for those inrange of your ultimate.

    This will allow for clutch dash heal plays without the embarrassment that may follow...

    Hero Select and Loading Screen
    As we know you have the ability to select some really cool skins, however these skins are only noticeable in game. When you select a skin your player card which is displayed when showing all 8 memebers in the game should change to reflect your current skin.
    This should also change the avatar icon in game to reflect this also.

    Hero Skins
    You have created and implemented some really cool skins but are they the wrong way around? Myself and my friends feel like all of the hero skins unlocked at level 2 are infact better than the one you work so hard to get at level 5. Maybe a swap around is in need or maybe new skins?

    Knock ups and stuns
    As we all know and have grown to love and hate... Sparticus. We all love having a pro sparticus on our team but when we are against one of such ability we can end up getting red faced! The continout knock up and knock around combos makes Sparticus one of the highest tier picks currently when singling people out the combos are pretty much unstoppable, when paired with the black knight you are able to create an unlimated stun/knock up chain to stop a player from advancing.

    Understandably you can not change how players work together but maybe the duration or cooldown of these abilties can be looked at or the damge these abilties deal.

    When in the client it looks all nice and perfect however as you know 3 of the tabs display a coming soon page. I suggest having them greyed out and/or striked through much like the heroes tab when searching for a game.

    I would also recommend providing the name of the hero displayed at the home of the client and maybe a little about the guy. Just to add a little more than a graphic video.

    Enable text chat whilst in lobby. We all hate the mexican stand off whilst we are waiting for out team mates to select a hero and then for us all to select them at the same time, to then be met ingame with no tanks. It can only end one way... unless youre lucky!

    This is rather up in the air as many experience different behaviirs depending on the bots. Although some of them act dumb there are a couple that play a lot better than some of the new players to the game. If you ever find yourself caught between two if them then youre in for trouble! With them never missing a shot leading to insane damage output, its sure to ruin anyones day!

    Cancelling abilities
    The ability to self cancel your abilities such as Rawlins ultimate would enable a whole nother skill into the game after getting a kill you are able to cancel the ability to reposition instead of having to wait it out shooting the air!

    This is less noticeable, although the e button icon and indicator comes up to pass sometimes its hard to distinguish how war away someone is to pass, if you dash will they be in range? Maybe adding an idicator on the floor to show the range of your passing distance??

    I appreciate most of these bugs may have been reported and that this is no the bugs section...

    1. News tab in client
      When you are at the home screen and you have the news section on the left, when in fullscreen mode you can only navigate by the bottom rectangles when clicking on the tops of them instead of anywhere.

    2. Ingame Ping
      When ingame and you are playing fullscreen the ping counter is not visible as it is off the screen for some reason.

    3. End game new game
      After finishing a game and searching for a new game you are sometimes instantly put into a game without selecting your hero, this new game is infact the exact same as your old game however everyone is frozen on the loading screen that shows all 8 players before you spawn. You are able to cast abilities in game by the sounds of it and is only fixable by restarting.

    4. Version number
      This is more of an update, the bersion/build number does not automatically update or update ar all after new releases (2 updates releases today but same build number)

    5. MVP not you!
      When on the MVP screen after game sometimes you are unable to select someone to vote for!

    6. Invisible buttons?
      When in fullscreen mode sometimes your cursor can become glitched and you must hover way above a button to select it. Fixed by tabbing out and back in.

    Thanks For An Awesome Game
    If anyone else has any suggestions please comment them id love to hear what you think about my changes and your own as well, great minds think alike!!!

    And thank you for creating such an addictive and awesome game!
    NEARLY worlds best Rawlin <3 ;)
    Much love to you all

    Update 1
    Just remembered another suggestion for implementing....

    Free Camera
    Allows a user to hold a button such as alt in H1Z1 to allow you to turn the camera freely whilst still running the way you first started off before unlocking the camera. Useful when low hp running to base so you can see if anyone is chasing to outplay or to keep an eye on the relic.

  • Great feedback! Thank you for your time and thank you for helping us making this game better! ;)
    We will discuss about all these points within the team as soon as possible.

  • Anytime im happy to help! Just want this game to thrive I love it so much!

  • I agree with most of the things you mentioned. I just wanted to add a couple of twists that come from my point of view:

    About AOEs
    I totally agree with the fact that it's very hard to understand and remember what every AOE skill range is, for example I still have no idea how far Alona's R reaches.
    I belive a possible twist to help players out with this issue would be to make it so that skills activate on button release, instead of buton press. And that while you keep the skill button pressed, it shows exactly what the range is (only to you and with something extremely obvious, like a blue area on the ground).
    This would obviously help Alsona's heals, but it's not limited to that. It would also be extremely beneficial to passes: on button press/hold you see your range, as soon as your teammate gets close enough, you releae the button, passing the relic to him. But I'm not done: even with skills like Dark Knight's pull would benefit a lot. He's my most played character and I missed that pull by a hare's breath SO many times, eventually allowing the enemy team to score.
    The thing is: you're saving your abilities for just the right moment, and when the time finally comes it is so sad and frustrating to see them wasted just because you didn't know the exact range :/.
    The best part of this is: if you press and release the button without holding it, you completely bypass the whole thing, or only see the aoe for a super brief moment.

    So far as the free cam is related, i see why you would need it, but I don't agree with how you want to achieve that.

    Being able to look behind you while you're being chased would in fact be an invaluable asset. However, rather than a free cam which would just make your movement kinda messy and hard to master, why not just have an assignable "look behind" button. I know I'd put that on my mouse wheel button ^_^.

    I want to take this occasion to honestly say thank you to the devs: you're doing an incredible job. This game is super fun to play and even more fun to spectate. If this was just the alpha test, I can't wait to see what the final produt will be like.
    Amazing job devs. Thank you all for your work.

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