Two (Easy to Implement) Macro Gameplay Suggestions

  • So first of all, I'm loving this game so far. At first, I wasn't crazy about it because my team got 3-0'd in less than 5 minutes -- twice. Now that I understand things a little more and have gotten a little better, I'm finding it hard to stop playing. But even though I've been winning a lot more (and quite fast I might; a turn of the tables, indeed) I still like the idea of the game being a tiny bit slower, slightly more drawn out, and less chaotic.

    One thing I've noticed is that I enjoy my matches on Atlantis significantly more. I think this is because the map is bigger, or at least it feelsbigger. And I also really, really enjoyed the match where a player from each team disconnected and it ended up being 3v3 for several rounds. Matches that were similar to the aforementioned ones just ended up being more fun.

    So, taking what I just mentioned into consideration, I would suggest the following:

    • Bigger Maps -- not too much bigger, and mostly longer rather than wider, but I think this would slow things down a bit and ensure that people aren't getting bodied in less time it takes than picking a character. It would also make winning more fun too because, no matter if you win or lose, an extremely short match isn't much fun.
    • Smaller Teams -- I'm sure there's probably going to be an option to play 3v3 or even 2v2 in custom games, but I wonder if a default of 3v3 wouldn't better...? The Devs have probably tested this and decided 4v4 was better, but this suggestion actually becomes somewhat of a moot point if the maps are made larger. I think either of these two suggestions would significantly improve the game, but definitely, no matter what, there should be an option to play games with teams of 3, even if it isn't the default.

    That's all I've got right now. I might have a few smaller suggestions later on, but as of now everything seems to just work for me and really clicks. I'd love to see a support character that focuses on speeding up teammates and slowing down enemies (sorta like Morgan) and maybe one that has an extra or rather unique buildable, but I'm sure stuff like that is in the works.

    Oh, and if you end up making a larger arena feel free to name it after me! :wink:

  • @Ixath it could just be that my first couple matches were on El Dorado and were not too enjoyable because they ended so fast. I'll see how things go today; I may change my mind.

    You are right about the teams and 2v2 may not work unless it was a smaller map made for it. 3v3 worked really well in one of my matches, though.

    But I just thought of this and it sounds like it could be the perfect way to encourage team play, but who knows until it's tested. What if each person can only hold the relic for 3 seconds or only travel a certain distance with it? Then it would be like the real sport of team handball where you get a certain amount of time/steps then you pass it. In that sport, a whistle is blown and the ball is given to other team. In breakaway, it could stun & root your character for 1 second to penalize you, but it's not so bad that it forces a fumble.

  • @LeroyMcCheeks The map idea isnt terrible however when you get people just running your base with the relic every game or so I think having 2v2 and 3v3 would be such a terrible idea since it would be even harder to stop relic pushes and people only running relics! Its hard enough with 4 of you helping!

  • I have to completely disagree with the bigger maps. While I'm sure they will implement a variety.. I find the larger Atlantis to be nowhere near as fun as el dorado. I feel like this game is based around fast paced team fights and atlantis makes it feel less hectic.

    Granted, it's all personal opinion.. just throwing my input into the mix.

  • @Ixath i feel tjhe only way bigger maps can be implemented is if they are released alingside a 5v5 game mode as the map would be too big for 8 people

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