Bugs I've Found So Far (Constantly Updating)

  • There's graphical glitches on the character select screen. It looks as if the weapons are constantly disappearing or changing to basic graphics every split second.

    The friends list is unresponsive, you have to close the game and restart it to refresh the friends list. Many times it doesn't show people you've sent a request to.

    I haven't tried repeating it but when you are at the character select screen (in-game) pressing "U" moves the character portraits over like its creating a text box but then you can't interact with anything.

    Setting buildables at object/player spawn points deletes them on the next round ex. The ball at the center of the map and player starting areas.

    The worst one is falling physics. In the sat night stream where we beat the sparty party you can see where she jumped on two teammates heads at the spawn by the barrier and was stuck in a falling animation. There was one match where we had a wall buildable touching a permanent wall and the black knight kocked me into the area pinning me in the corner stuck in a falling animation unable to use anything or move. I was stuck for about a minute and it suddenly spit me out right when the relic was coming towards our goal.

    On Atlantis there was a Victor Bot on the other team and it was stuck running into the rock below the center platform because it was running back to base from low health.

    Lastly, from what I can think of right now, on El Dorado I went to score on a trampoline and Thorgrim on the other team hit me at the peak of my jump grabbed the ball in midair and scored against himself.

    EDIT: I just had a match where I was stuck on the vs screen and I could hear the game announcer. then after a while when I clicked i could hear my swords swinging.

    Perks skins and taunts reset upon window close.

    The pre game chat has certain options at the beginning then something causes it to randomly change later in the character select screen and provide different options. On that note full chat should be available pre game and during death.

    Victor's electrocuting buildable strikes too fast. The ballista and Hammer drop can be skillfully dodged but Victor's is impossible. Even if you get hit jump and throw as fast as possible it hits you before you can get the throw off.

    EDIT2: Sometimes opponents health bars don't show over their heads.

    After playing against bots it sometimes displays the wrong character avatar in the post game stats.

    I slid down the double stairs in Atlantis and someone had a barrel roller at the bottom, when I went over it launched me farther than a ramp would.

    Not necessarily a bug but an oversight, I went against a 4x Victor cheese comp and as melee I couldn't destroy the stun machines when they were close together it would stun lock me. His buildables are easily the most powerful.

    Sometimes when you die the character portraits disappear and you can't see your respawn timer.

    On El Dorado by the buffs the outermost gold rail of the stairs is not slidable.

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    @Hp_dark Those are some really great examples, thanks for bringing it to our attention. I will escalate these issues with our Devs. Thanks! :cat:

  • Updated.

  • I can second the bug where buildables sometimes disappear if placed in spawn. And I've also experienced the stuck VS screen where you could hear the match going on and your own attacks in the background.

    I'm fairly sure Victor's air electrocution buildable is supposed to work like that, though. It's like he says: No jumping allowed! The thing is harmless if you're just walking around, it's very situational. The one thing it does, it better do well.

    Still, even if you disagree, this seems more like a game balance issue instead of a bug.

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    @Hp_dark Thanks for letting me know, I'll add that as well. In the meantime go ham :pig2:, see you on the battlefield!

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    @Pyroxen3 Thank you for the info, I will also pass this issue as long as well, thanks

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