Feedback, longer game, respawn orb etc.

  • we have crystals with buff but is strange to have enough time to get one.

    we are always fighting for the ball, i think a respawn time to the ball can make the game longer and more insteresting because we can have multiple goals while we explore the maps for buff or kill enemies for gold, it feels like the game is 100% focused in the orb.

    if you don't attack targets or put traps etc you should get a penalty this can force the players to play instead wait for the orb.

    atlantis is better map than the other one, it's bigger and the art is amazing.

  • @cybesky The game is based around getting the orb into the others base, the buildables are not essential to win such as anne boneys trampoline. This would seem unfair to provide penalties for not placing them. Regarding crystals, normally it worth trading the first round for gold buff however if you have 3 defend its easy to get the gold and still defend.

  • @ThatGingerrGamer hmn i don't agree, it's really strange to get the crystal while you defend the ball because everyone is trying to get the ball, you are usually able to get them when the battle starts but after that you don't have time, it's game over in seconds.

    about the other traps they are 100% worth it, because when they hit the enemy the orb drops, the trampolines are still the best trap/objects i must agree.

    since i came from other mobas to play breakway felt like to fight forever to kill the baron/roshan in lol/dota2, the most important buff/object should be an event or it will feel repetitive after some matches, that is the reason i'm already bored and playing my other games.

  • @cybesky The trampoline is one of the worst buildables, and the crystals are easy to obtain part way through the game as well if everyone goes for the ball surely theres gnna be a chance to pick it up once youre making a push. The crystals really are find tbh

  • @ThatGingerrGamer well after playing more than 20 games i only saw 3 or 4 times the enemy or my team trying to take the crystal, when you see the enemy taking the orb you are going to run to defend because the map is short and you going to lose in seconds, the orb should spawn after 1 minute or seconds, this should give you enough time to build any kind of strategy with your traps, crystals etc.

    the game is 100% focused in the orb what it makes it repetitive and boring at least in my opinion i didn't feel any kind of strategy apart from the traps, only that make the game a bit interesting, the rest feels like battlerite with nba style.

  • @cybesky ive played over 100 zzz, the crystals can be picked up part way through the game which i think youre failing to understand... youre inital complaint was that theyre too good but now youre saying theyre bad?

  • @ThatGingerrGamer you didn't understand i guess, because you started to speak about "The game is based around getting the orb into the others base" i think you are thinking that i want to see the orb deleted in the battlefield, the is game is about that, if i don't like it i just ask for another game mode but this post is about to make the actual gameplay better.

    i'm talking about respawn, timing to make the other elements in game more viable, to make the game more strategy, to enjoy the combat, to enjoy the fighitng for crystals, to enjoy others goals instead fighting for a ball all the time, do you get it know?

  • I think what @cybesky mean is it might be cool if we had 30 seconds with the wall down, but the ball not spawned yet, kinda like that initial period in LOL where creeps are spawning but haven't reached the middle of the lane yet.

    And perhaps if the ball is idle too long and hasn't pushed to either side, it respawns back at the middle after disappearing a few seconds to allow players to fight it out over buffs.

    I don't know if this is good or bad, just throwing what I think you're getting at out there...

  • @LeroyMcCheeks yeah, thank you, you used a good example with LoL that i was trying to avoid, since the people just send you to play those games or ignore you when you talk about other mobas, but it works fine enough.

    i mean in LoL the main goal is to destroy the nexus but those extra elements like buff you can take them before the minions spawns, if we have 30 seconds we can use our traps better, the game is too focused with orb the and the people just forget to do teamwork or use their traps, a respawn time between 30secs-1min could be really welcome.

    also at least in atlantis the "water wall" should be a little far between the map i mean is too close to the base...and we should be able to use our trap and make our defense force, when the battle starts we should have 30 seconds to fight or use our traps to other place around the map or get crystals, this is called strategy.

    When someone in LoL is trying to get a buff while the nexus is being destroyed by the players, you team ask you "hey man what are you doing" is because you had enough time to get them, are going to get a buff when the enemy have the ball that is crazy.

  • The main reason why this is a bad idea is because in that time limit you can destroy the opponents builda les with there being no time limit on the ball you have your options restricted, crystals or relic making the game much more intense and fun if ygm

  • @ThatGingerrGamer that is the fight for other things instead just the ball, also there are billions way to balance the early game with the traps and their health, that is poor excuse that doesn't make it a bad idea.

    however let's see what they can do to the next test, at the moment just found the graphics and the characters interesting, see you the next test maybe ^_^

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Thanks for the feedback. Having multiple options at the start of the match is one thing I think is important, because it gives teams choices. Do I want to prioritize the Relic?, or the buffs?, or setting up base defense with buildables? I like giving players multiple strategic options, so I don't want to eliminate that.

    But I do understand it can be a bit chaotic at the start, we've tried a few things to alleviate that, but haven't found anything we love yet. If anyone has ideas to help that without reducing the strategic depth of the game, we'd love to hear your thoughts

  • @cybesky If you had the time before the relic to destroy buildables they would be deemed pretty much invaluable, teams would destroy them and there would be nothing to defend runs for anyone. Teams would adapt by holding the buildables until the relics drop so they are not destroyed... Which then makes the time delay pointless.

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