This game is awesome but....

  • The Characters action are very clunty when i control them and everything is fine i love this game!! :D

  • @Lliikekr2000 it'll be clunky to start learn the combos and the hero and itll be some af <3

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Thanks for the feedback. I would love a little more detail on what felt clunky? Where they slow to respond to key inputs? Did the attacks take to long? Did you want to move while attacking?

  • I would say it's clunky / not fluid by design based on what I have read from your responses. As an example, when you play Spartacus and you swing and miss, you end up stuck in that animation before being able to adjust to attack again. If I was to swing and miss in real life, I would not wait for an "animation" to finish before I stopped and turned around. It leaves you in vulnerable situations a lot of time and with so many abilities that stun lock players, there needs to be better ways to escape from those lock downs. ( I heard most people I played with complain about being stunned too much )

    I also felt like the ball mechanics were extremely clunky. Passing was the only aspect that felt smooth. Throwing the ball seemed counterproductive most the time because of all the waiting and being stuck in place. The MOBA players probably say leave it because it makes you fight more but I would love to make this a bit more sport based where you can out play people without a pure fight every time.

    I loved the game itself and cannot wait for it to come out but I have never played any fighting game that made me feel so stiff and stuck in place all the time.

  • @Zin_Ramu
    hi Zin , it's a feeling about clunty and I do not know how to describe, perhaps the action animation is not smooth.
    maybe you can check '' god war III '' this game and they do good in that well.

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