Alona: Teleport cooldown bug

  • When Alona is passed the relic during/right at the end of her Sun's Grace teleport her relic dash (25 sec cooldown) ability also goes on cooldown. Easily testable and reproducible in the test zone by:

    • Grabbing the relic
    • Passing the relic to a friendly bot
    • Moving out of range of the friendly bot
    • Using Sun's Grace to come back in passing range of the friendly bot

    Couldn't reproduce this on any of the other characters dash abilities. I assume it's only a problem for Alona because her ability is a teleport like the ability you get while holding the relic.

  • Global Moderators

    @TehStag Thanks for the information about the issue. We really don't want that to happen especially when your trying to score. I will pass this info to our Devs. :nerd:

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