Best game ever.

  • This game has to be the best game I have ever played. I've been a gamer for the past 7 years of my life. I started on console, where I played the GameCube or the original PlayStation. Then the Xbox came out. And call of duty was the game j spent most of my time on. And the time went on I always wanted a computer so I could play online games with my friends. I finally got a laptop from my parents and I felt like i never left the damn thing. I played league of legends and every game I could. I was convinced there was no better game then league. Then I went to twitch con. The first day I walked around and found the game breakaway. This game called to me. I played it for 3 days. I loved this game so so so much. I have never been so excited to start a match or talk strats with my friends. We went on a winning streak of 26-0. We then got to face another undefeated team, which we beat in a great game 3-1. We were then surprised to see that we had to play again. But this time against the developers, the makers, the almighty ones of this game. We were so scared but we were confident in our teamwork. We got 2 points off the bat, then they came back. Scoring 2 points. For the last round of the game we were on the steps of there base. 2 of my team died as our Spartacus ran back so we didn't get wiped. I saw the ball in mid air. So I jump up grab the ball, dash to the left and chuck it. This was the slowest seconds of my life. as I die I see the ball going towards the goal. As the audience goes crazy j realize I score and jump up to high five my teammates. The dev's were very nice about our win and everyone was estatic. Then i realized... This is and will be.. The Best Game ever<3 - Matt or PapaSmurfy

  • Smurfy!!!!!! So good to hear from you pal:) Since we came back you guys have been a popular hit from our whole team. The dev team wants a rematch, And I'll do my best to set it up! Thanks again for sharing your story. Look forward to seeing the team again.

  • @FilthieRich we're definitely down for a rematch. Just remember... like the casters said - "there's no way to balance being out played" ;)

  • Amazon Game Studios

    @MackNJeeves Teawork is OP! :) We'll definitely have you guys back. Dev team wants a rematch!

  • i wish my double rawlins team had the time to keep on keepin on. i just didnt have the time and only had enough for a 1 day pass. but had a blast watching you guys play! I got one of your numbers so we will be dukin it out in alpha. Look forward to the competition.

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