Have to "Install" after every launch

  • Game downloads and installs instantly since I already have it.
    Other than that, can't even get into a match, stuck on "joining server" endlessly.
    Tried running the game with "run as administrator" on the exe through the launcher, and I'm getting an error from it. Running from the exe itself as administrator worked, but then "servers are offline". What a mess.
    The launcher has literally just THREE features (logging in, installing games and using them) and it's called "beta". What, is the official version gonna have an additional three or four? What is this, a high school project in computing? There's zero sense in using this launcher. Could as well log in through the game itself.
    4 days to try a game that cannot be fixed in order to even work, in 4 days. Great. I'm sold.
    I don't understand why I was expecting better from an alpha when most games are broken after release anyway nowadays, but even this was unimaginable.

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    @raretrumpepe Thanks for understanding we are an Alpha and working to improve the game. We would love to take a look at your game logs to see if we can fix this issue for you. I'm sending you a PM with information on how to get them to us. :smile_cat:

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