Windowed mode leaving cut-off bottom of screen

  • Windowed mode looks like it's shoving the bottom section of the game-screen off of the bottom of the monitor, seemingly by the amount that the window-bar occupies onscreen. Windows 10's snapping feature and/or the task/start bar gets in the way of positioning it in such a way that one can see the bottom of the game's screen, causing the user to miss information such as cooldowns and the key-bindings.
    A huge amount of your playerbase is likely on windows 10 (windows 7 is gonna be retired soon) so I think windowed mode needs to be reworked. A borderless-windowed mode would easily fix this as well, as it'd snap correctly and obscure the start/taskbar and no longer shove a portion of the screen below the monitor.

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I will forward your experience to our developers to see if there are any work arounds.

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