Ingame profile picture glitched & Transfer partyleader bug

  • Ingame profile picture bugged
    This is my Twitch picture:
    alt text

    And this is how it looks ingame:
    alt text

    I've never used a profile picture that looks anything like that. I never even had any other profile pictures other than the skull one so I guess something went wrong while the game tried grabbing my picture from Twitch the first time I started the game.

    Unable to transfer group leader
    Once when I was group leader I wanted to transfer leadership to another player in my party but clicking their pictures didn't do anything. No menu popped up to transfer leadership.

  • Global Moderators

    Hey @Tradios I'm sending you a PM asking for logs and more data so we can look into that cause of the bugged profile picture and lack of party options!

  • @ags_aw Thank you! I just sent the email. I attached all the game logs I have, which add up to about 30 something files totalling ~ 17 MB. I hope that won't cause issues receiving my e-mail.

  • Global Moderators

    @Tradios We've received your e-mail and I've filed the bug reports for these two issues and included the logs. Thanks a bunch for bringing this to our attention. Keep up the good work!

  • @ags_cc You're welcome!

  • @ags_cc I just realised my game.log file was from when the servers were already offline. I sent you a PM with a link to an older game.log file I backed up which has more info in it (also my avatar picture URL which seems correct).
    Perhaps you could pa* s that on to the person looking into it?

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