Gameplay Change to Force Teamwork

  • This seems like a perfect fit in my mind. I just mentioned this on another thread, but I want to make a separate post because I think it could be such a great idea. Is anyone familiar with team handball? Breakaway is closer to that than basketball or soccer, which some people have been comparing it to. In team handball, you can take 3 steps or hold the ball for 3 seconds then you must pass.

    What if there was a feature that stunned/rooted a champ carrying the relic if they don't pass it and/or something that slows them even more after they travel a certain distance. This could essentially ruin "breakaways," which the game is named after, but there could be a way to ensure that remains possible.

    Perhaps the Devs trash some the useless items and replace then with items that allow characters to travel farther or hold the ball longer without getting penalized. Then maybe the tier 4 of these "breakaway boots" is that you can run as far as possible without getting rooted or slowed. This could make the last couple rounds really exciting, and could emphasize one person being a hero while also encouraging more teamwork in the beginning.

  • I think it might be an interesting "alternative" game mode. Passing is actually a better strategy than players have realized the way it at the moment is in my opinion.

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