Runs very slow on my computer. Gets stuck on load screens

  • Downloaded last night and did the tutorial, definitely experience lag during tutorial, and then when i quit to the main menu was stuck on a black screen where i could still see the cursor but nothing else

    Desktop or Laptop: I have a laptop
    Version of Windows: Windows 10
    Amount of physical RAM: Not at my computer at the moment and dont know the answer to this or memory card Its a HP that cost around 600.00 so not high end though it does play a game like Smite just fine without any lag
    Video Card:
    Running or streaming anything in the background? Only thing else i had open on the computer was Chrome My xbox one is always running though
    Wired or Wifi: Wifi
    Time Zone: Eastern standard

  • The same thing happened to me. Make sure you right click the game icon and select your graphics card that isn't integrated

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    Hey there, very sorry that the lag is getting in the way of your experience.

    Do you know if you have the latest update on Windows 10? is your graphics drive the most recent update? and do you know if your monitors are connected to a DVI or HDMI port? if DVI try the HDMI port. Also try to right click your game icon and select run with graphics processor > high-performance.

    The other option if you have available, try to use a wired connection.

    Let us know how that works,


  • Next time I booted it up I noticed at the bottom a message that said, Blueberry error that the specs of my computer would affect gameplay so i guess my computer isnt up to snuff. Still a fun game, hope to have a better computer when the game goes to Beta

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    @Fiend28 That would definitely be great! We would love for you to try this game out an go ham :pig2: Thanks for letting us know the issue.

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