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  • First of all, let me say THANK YOU to devs and players alike for the amazing weekend. The game is great fun as it is atm, with some further fixing and polishing I see a great game down the line. Congratulation to all the devs for a game that is simple, fun and has great aesthetics.
    Here is my rumbly, long feedback post. If there is anything else that comes to mind, I will keep posting in this thread, if any other player has comments about any of my points or just feels like adding something, by all means feel free.

    Keep in mind that everything I wrote down here is MY OPINION. If it matters at all for the devs, I am a casual gamer with a fairly good computer who played from ue.


    • Replays should be skippable to give players a little extra time to check out the builds of their enemies and decide what to buy next.
    • Your own respawn cooldown should be visible in every screen while dead. Even on the "killed by" screen.
    • I'd like to see more info on the mvp selection screen: maybe instead of "most memorable achievement" it would be nice to compare "three most meborable achievements" of the mvp candidates.
    • The game lacks ninjas.
    • It would be nice to see some numbers in the description of the abilities: how much does morgan's ability slow? what % of damage does her buildable take away? And so on. I am aware it might just not have been implemented because it's just an alpha but still, I'm throwing it out there.


    • Sometimes due to lag, my character keeps running for a brief moment after i stop pressing the movement button. I play in the EU and understand latency problems will inevitably be alleviated by launch, what I want to stress is that this kind of behaviour made me walk straight out of maps more than once, perhaps this should be issued. Maybe there could be a special "regaining balance" animation that stops your character to simply walk out of the map to his own demise? If so, this would obviously not be triggered when your character is flying (aka knockbacks) or jumping and might have a few secs cooldown, so that it cannot be abused in any way, only save you if you are accidentally walking out of the map in a disgraceful and frustrating way.
    • Consider implementing built-in push-to-talk voice message in game in the future, if you haven't already.
    • Some commentator messages should have priority over the "power play" spam. For example the "one minute/30 seconds remaining" and the final countdown. Nobody cares about "power play" and what their characters have to say in those moments, all you want to know is how much time remains.


    • I love how the item system is very impactful and extremely simple. It needs tweaking and improving, but the core concept is very pleasant and noob-friendly.
    • Consider having a buyable item to reduce knockback to a certain extent.
    • Not sure I got this one right but.. can enemies pick up the gold that drops when their own buildables are destroyed? Because that would make the legendary effect of the wrecking ball item a big double edged sword.. I opted out more than once because I was afraid I was making money free to grab for the wrong team.


    • Morgan's voice sounds... "far", compared to other characters.
    • Alona's aoe attack feels a bit underpowered. Considered it's her only skill that can actually force fumble, I expected a larger area of effect.
    • Thorgrim's "take horn out and drink from it" animation is way too frequent.. I'm assuming it's his idle animation, I guess on the final game he should only do that every now and then.
    • I think the way Spartacus can focus and take down squishies without them being able to do anything as soon as he gets some items a bit alarming and definitely frustrating. I can't come up with a good solution atm, of course with decent teamwork that's not as much of a problem, but in random matches a single Spartacus can easily take out the entire backline of the opposing team before they even realize with little effort.

    Thank you for getting this far in the message.

  • Amazon Game Studios

    @Blazenridge Thank you so much for the detailed feedback. You make some really excellent points. This kind of feedback is exactly what we were hoping to get from the alpha.

    On a technical note, I understand the difficulty in playing from the EU. Our game runs on Amazon GameLift, so hopefully we'll be able to expand to more of the regions they support some day ( As of right now, the servers are in Virginia and Oregon in the United States, so it's understandable that you'd be getting some high latency. We'll obviously be doing our best to optimize that experience in the future as well.

    Thanks again!

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