End of my Alpha Experience

  • Apologies for the formatting. Copying from word did some funny stuff and it is too late for me to fix ATM :)

    Heyas! Played quite a bit and feel like I picked up a decent grasp of Alona. I thought I’d offer some thoughts. Some more detailed than others.

    1. Not being able to look at the warriors tab while queued is odd.
      a. list itemI feel like I should be able to read more about skills, abilities and buildables.
      b. I think it was Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 that allowed you to make customizations of your loadout until the final countdown hit zero.

    2. BUG/Incomplete Feature: game doesn’t save customizations. I’ve had to set my Alona perk, taunt and skin every time I’ve logged back in.

    3. BUG/UX Improvement: It is really easy to buy the wrong item on the first round. It feels like I’m clicking once but immediately buying something. I need to look at this more…
      a. It’d be great if selling an item on the first round before the game starts that you’d get a full refund.

    4. Mobility
      a. Having to root characters (while on the ground) to use their primary attack is really rough.
      i. Finding a way around this mechanic was my first goal in the tutorial even before I’d seen any other part of the game.
      ii. Enforces players having to bunny hop to be efficient which, to me, doesn’t make it a very good spectator sport if you have 10 people jumping around in a cluster fun.
      iii. Bunny hopping and varying up your jump heights definitely is an advanced mechanic, but it’d be a shame if that’s all it took to elevate your main combat or to have a skill-based combat.
      b. Not having diminishing returns or a “BURST” ability to get out of a stunlock (such as Spartacus’ combo or when juggled between Black Knights) is really frustrating.
      c. Sometimes movement feels unresponsive (like when everyone is scrambling for the relic). Add in when you're rooted when standing doing M1 attacks and mass CC chains really makes the game feel chunky and non-responsive at times.
      d. Air Fumbles (when players are throwing everything, including themselves, to move the relic the last few feet) are awkward and suffer from the chunky movement and responsiveness. Additionally, they're just super messy. Anything to clean this up would be great.

    5. Coordination
      a. Along with 4b, it seems like players are easily stringing together CC targets. Probably too easily
      b. Passing is too easy.
      i. I had multiple teams, don’t know if they were on VOIP or not, but they were doing some Harlem Globetrotter level passing and shenanigans behind my goal.

    6. They eventually were just spawn camping, farming the two people left standing and never ending the round.

    7. The Alley-Oop passes were awesome though…
      ii. Once 2 people are behind you it is nearly impossible to catch-up unless it is the length of the field.

    8. Speed bonus ‘item’ is really hard to take advantage of given damaging buildables or opponents coming after you to.

    9. Aforementioned crowd control problems

    10. Daisy-chaining passes
      iii. Perhaps slow down the base pass speed

    11. Feedback: Passing feels like it is near instantaneous

    12. Feedback: It seems odd that throwing the relic feels 100 times slower than passing.

    13. Suggestion: Normalize the passing speed between passing and throwing.

    14. Suggestion: Items could increase pass speed and/or distance

    15. Suggestion: Longer cooldown on passing to try and make them more impactful

    16. Questions: Air Fumbles turn into some crazy scrums – Everyone is jumping up into the ball and clicking like crazy to get something out of it. Is there a more elegant solution?
      a. Perhaps not all warriors drop the ball upon a single basic attack, but rather 2 or 3 within a time period?

    17. Suggestion: During the team draft, it’d be nice to see what perk people have loaded.

    18. Buildables
      a. I don’t like them :D
      b. They appear to add a lot of chaos which seems counter-intuitive to the ‘sport’ aspect of the game
      c. Question: What problem are they solving? To me it feels like complexity for complexity’s sake and randomness.
      i. It isn’t a base building game 

    19. Though that could certainly make for some interesting level designs…Tower Defense anyone?
      d. They can feel like an insurmountable obstacle late game.
      i. I can’t tell if that’s intentional
      ii. It makes these beautiful vistas cluttered, difficult to read and nearly impossible to approach given the speed of the game
      iii. Given the speed at which the game is played, unless the match is close, the winning team almost always seems to have quite a bit larger control of territory purely by their buildables and which makes victory even more daunting.

    20. Feels like this could be a bit snowball.
      e. SUGGESTION: I’ve given this feedback just off of watching some streams and now it seems even more evident after playing…
      i. Suggestion: limit it to 1 player who can place the buildables, such as a captain.

    21. Every hero still brings their 1 of each type per round, but it is up to this person to place them.
      ii. Suggestion B:

    22. Limit the number of active buildables per team.
      iii. Suggestion C:

    23. Add sockets so they go in pre-place locations. This will also cut down on the cheese placements people will find where it is just an inch out of reach of x, y or z.
      iv. Suggestion D :

    24. Some Combination of A, B or C.
    25. MISC
      a. Suggestion: Move the spawns to inaccessible areas so that the other team can’t farm and pad their stats.
      b. Suggestion: Remove the ledges in the back of the Atlantis spawns. It doesn’t feel good to get knocked out of the game as soon as you respawned (In b4 ‘well just don’t die’ :P)
      c. Suggestion: Make temporary test Metastream data so that streamers can test what it looks like before streaming trying to set it up mid match.
      d. I’d like to see wider maps with perhaps multiple goals
      e. Alona’s “Radiance” ability doesn’t always prioritize the person with the lowest health.
      i. If this is truly going to be a skillshot heal, it needs to provide more upfront healing.
      ii. However, in its current implementation there’s a little bit of auto-targeting. If that’s going to be the case, I’d recommend it prioritizes the lowest health person within view
      f. Skills not displaying in descriptions or in the game world their relative distances, is really annoying! I can’t tell who is just outside of Alona’s Radiance or enemies close enough for Sunburst. I need moooooooore
      g. Everytime I hear Spartacus yell, “Retribution!” I imagine Ryu or Ken yelling his whirlwind kick..It is now iconic to me.

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