[BUG] Forums - Entering duplicate poll data on submission results in error. Post is still submitted but submission page is not closed.

  • If a user enters duplicate data when submitting a poll in their post and presses SUBMIT an error is shown (E11000).

    The post is still posted to the forums but the Submit-A-Post screen does not change to show the submitted post. It remains on the submit page with the submission text box still accessible.

    Changing the duplicate poll option and pressing submit still does not fix the error and ends in the same results (submitted poll, staying on same screen with edit box up).

    The only way to have the post submit successfully is by manually changing the duplicate option and then creating a new line of text below the poll closing tag.

    Error E11000

    Ignore the typo in the submission title in the image. Don't judge me.

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    @Ixath Thank for bringing this up to us, I will escalate this to our Devs, also thanks for the picture that helps alot!

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