Lengthy Feedback by a Breakaway Lover

  • First of all, thanks to the Breakaway staff for allowing us to test their game in an Alpha Stage. Would love to be involved in the development process even when the servers are down again for a while. It has been a ton of fun. My favourite Warrior is without doubt Anne Bonny. I love how she works when you've got her abilities, jumping and aim down <3

    Now.. On to the feedback.

    Let me start of with a couple bugs that I came across in the Main Menu: Text Overlap

    At the end of games, in the Overview, such as here, we can see a weird bug with the Destroyed Buildables. This should, I assume, be "Buildables destroyed" or something along those lines.Not sure what’s up with that? Was it too long so it went below and thus disappeared? Idk.

    Okay. On to the gameplay feedback.

    First of all, I'd like to quickly talk about the MVP system because it's linked in with the above link. At the end of that game, it showed in the MVP Selection Screen that “Milisius” had Most Damage Dealt. Makes no sense to me at all how that system works, but there's something wrong.

    Another example was where I had both most damage, most buildables destroyed and most kills. But in MVP screen it only showed Most Buildables destroyed, while it showed most Kills for one of my teammates (even though I had more kills).

    Maybe it's an idea to re-design the MVP as a whole. Just some random ideas would be to just show names without anything attached. Or show literally all the different stats that the people were the best with. Feels like people make really weird MVP decisions sometimes.

    Warriors Tab
    Please allow people to check this Tab while in Queue. People want to look at the abilities of Warriors. To follow up on this, they want to look at their stats. Maybe it's an idea to if things such as Health, Movement Speed and other stats of the different Warriors were given in-game (in the Warriors Tab probably)

    I think it's important to explain the importance of Breakables and how they work (2 each round, refresh every round. Use them!)

    Back button in Loadout
    The position of the Back button being on the bottom-right is really confusing when it says “QUIT” on the Top-left. People search for buttons like those on the top-right first (when choosing loadout). Not sure how to deal with it. I’m sure you guys can come up with something (hiding the Quit button when choosing Loadout for instance).

    Leaving lobbies
    Not sure whether this was maybe only something for this week's test, but it doesn't feel right to start games when not all 8 are loaded in. People leaving in the lobby should just be given a short penalty while the rest gets thrown straight back into the front of the queue.

    Hard pushing with Relics
    Everyone knows those situations where you've just got an entire team just running into your base trying to dunk it, not caring about any damage they take. And then sometimes they succeed. It's stupid. Maybe it's an idea to make buildables “stronger” in the way that they focus on people with the Relic (for the ones that can focus) and do more damage to those people. If you set up your Buildables correctly, in my opinion, people shouldn’t be able to just run right past with the Relic.

    Another point about Buildables is their Health. I don't know how to make this balanced, but right now, in a 1v1, it seems like people can just destroy 2 or 3 Buildables before they get killed by whoever is trying to defend. They'll get a shitton of Gold from this on top of clearing the enemy base. Seems weird that people can get away with that so easily. Perhaps make Buildables have more "armor" if an Ally (or even more if multiple Allies) are standing right next to them? Just an idea. No clue how it'd work out until tested. I'm sure you guys can come up with something better.

    Alrighty. That's it for my feedback. Thanks for reading all this and I hope it was useful.

    Feel free to contact me on Discord at any time (same name Narendur) if any of the devs want to have a chat. Whether it's about game design or just to get to know each other, I always enjoy it.

    Now I'll patiently sit back and wait for the next chance to play the game ;(


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    Thanks a ton for your feedback Narendur. It was exciting to watch everyone play during Alpha, and its great to get all of this feedback. Thanks for taking the time.

    I'll pass the bugs along to QA. And review the feedback more with the team. Your suggestion of adding armor to a buildable when a teammate is nearby is interesting. A design goal for Breakaway is that "Buildables feel impactful". So I want them to be strong and durable. Your suggestion may be a way to achieve that goal, without increasing the potential for buildable spam.

    If anyone else has ideas to make buildables stronger, without making them imposing for new players I'd love to hear your suggestions.

  • Not a fan of armor when players are around, if armor is actually needed then just slap it on. It can still be balanced because there is armor pen in the game. For a more creative interaction you could try putting non-stacking buff auras that only affect other buildables. For example, Thorgrim walls giving HP to nearby buildables, while his Demolition Hammer could grant a reverb shock effect that doesnt knock-up to nearby buildables when it slams down. Not really sure what you could do with Spartacus' Ramp, or Anne's Trampoline, but maybe having some without any buffs would incentivize certain picks in a comp because of the buildables.

    A quicker, more balanced way to fix it could also be as simple as removing the buildable and buff damage increase item from the game. It might make team item builds more bland, but I feel like it's a hard item to balance around while trying to reach your buildables goal.

  • @TraitorrGaming

    I like that idea of aura buffs too. In my opinion, you want buildables to be stronger under certain circumstances, but be quite weak when they're just sitting in the middle of the map by themselves. Aura buffs would help with that goal.


    I'll try thinking of some more possible ways over the Christmas break. Maybe I can come up with something that feels even better. We'll see :)

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