Overall Feedback

  • So far the game is great, the following are my comments regarding both the good and the bad.

    • First and foremost the game is highly demanding to run. I had to turn everything I could to the minimum settings to get the game to run smoothly.

    • Both maps are well sized and the dimensions allowed for movement/evasion with the high low ground adds a great dynamic.

    • Rawlins is the only character I feel needs significant tweaking. The character feels like he doesn't have a designated place in the game. He presents himself as a high DPS highly mobile character but he is extremely easy to shut down eliminating his viability as a DPS. Being locked down for a short range ultimate that is not CC immune makes the risk vs reward to high. Anne Bonny is a significantly better ranged DPS character in the game.

    • Anne Bonny is easily the best ranged DPS in the game. Confirming her damage is challenging but appropriately so. She is the single best character in the game for clearing buildable. Maxing out buildable damage on her and farming the gold can but her in an absurdly strong spot in round two. Her high DPS combined with her level 3 perk for her ultimate again is very strong but not easily confirmable. But it's highly likely that you'll see a Black Knight, Morgan, Bonny combo that will team wipe in round 2 and 3.

    • Morgan is a well designed character but her E is too strong. 35% increased damage is very high, allowing Spartacus and Anne Bonny to eliminate anyone within seconds.

    • Buildable are highly overrated. Spartacus' ramp is good against teams not paying attention, Thorgrims are both decent for base defense, Alona's healing tower is helpful and Victor's anti jump are all good but the rest seem worthless. I avoid putting down buildables in order to prevent the opposing team from gold farming. Especially on Atlantis with the gold buff.

    • Health bars are not consistent and very difficult to read. It seems as though the disappear suddenly or don't articulate the damage being delt very clearly and that's for both characters, buildables and buffs.

    • Knowing if you are targeting characters can be tough to read, a stronger outline would help the player know if they are being accurate.

    • Character abilities should more clearly state the amount of damage they will be doing and as previously stated character health bars made clearer, this way the player will be able to more readily calculate if the will be able to deliver killing damage.

    • Cooldown Reduction is always a terrible perk in these types of games, it allows for people to spam abilities which takes away from the skill and management of those characters. Abilities should have a fixed cooldown forcing players to make more tactical decisions.

    • Curse: having Curse automatically link game chat is great, but it automatically kicks me out of the party I am in with my friends at the end of every game.

    • Overall this game is great and I look forward to the Beta

  • Amazon Game Studios

    @spykehk Thank you so much for all the detailed feedback! I love that you took the time to write it all up. We'll be sure to take all of this into account when we're triaging all the feedback from the alpha.

  • Rawlings is going to be insanely much better when people get good at the game and when the game feels better. At least going by essentially every game i've ever played. Someone with such insane mobility will, played well, outclass most things.

  • the game is slow

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