Very Detailed Feedback & Suggestions & Annotations

  • Hello fellow Breakaway Community and Team

    First of all, thank you Breakaway Team for allowing us to play Breakaway for more than a whole weekend. I didn't regret a single second I've spend gaming and watching Breakaway on Twitch. You guys (all) did an amazing job!

    I’ll try to use this opportunity and write very detailed feedback, suggestions, ideas, annotations, et cetera thread as good and clear as I can and how the experience was for the first few hours. Please apologize my typos and grammar issues which might appear in the context. I’m going to give my best to be as accurate and short as possible.

    Breakaway is currently in ‘Pre’ Alpha Build #

    My Setup:

    • RAM: DDR4-3000 RAM KIT 16 GB, 4x4 GB, CL16
    • CPU: Intel Core i7-5820K 6 Core - 4.2GHZ
    • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080
    • HDD: SSD Samsung M.2 2280 SM951 256GB
    • Motherboard: ASUS X99-PRO
    • Resolution: 1920x1080
    • Connection: Ethernet - Cabel
      (~80Mbps Download / ~8Mbps Upload Speed) Pings to:
      Frankfurt (Germany): 19ms
      US-East (Virginia) 181 ms
      US-West (California) 237 ms
      US-West (Oregon) 279 ms
    • Location: Austria (EU)

    FPS / Latency / Server:
    Breakaway was running very smooth on my system even though I was streaming 90% of the time, I rarely - actually never experienced any FPS drops at all and it worked flawless for an pre alpha game. Hopefully it won't be worse in the future, since it run perfectly on my PC.
    I always had a small delay on the gameplay which is absolutely understandable cos I’m connecting to US from EU. However, I expect it to be a lot worse. The gameplay felt smooth and I got used to the super small delay. However, I think Breakaway would be more enjoyable with a lower ping of course.
    The server had small and rarely “hook ups”.


    Breakaway got announced to me as a:”4v4 mythological sport brawler built for fast action, teamwork, and live-streaming.” and I feel like it’s exactly how they advertised it to us. I had so much fun the past days for an alpha game where I’m normally afraid to get bored of really quick. But it didn’t happen with Breakaway. Every match was completely different and every second was a worth my free time in Breakaway. (Thanks to all the peeps who grouped up with me!)

    The gameplay is completely different to other games. When someone asks me what Breakaway is I always say it is Huttball, Rocket League, Overwatch, American Football, MOBA, Teamplay and Fun in one Game. All warriors were well balanced from my view. I spent too less time to make a clear feedback for all warriors. So far I leveled BK, Rawlings and MLF up to 5 and don’t regret it at all.
    Breakaway set a completely new milestone in the gaming branch connected with Twitch.. I’ve always learned a new tactic from each game, rushing the ball at the beginning or playing more defensive and let them come closer and go for a team wipe.


    Gamepaly (Combat) & Movement (Mobility):
    Breakaway feels very smooth and well polished but the combat could be a bit annoying for a few since LMB and spell attacks can be really clunky and static. We’re all used to fast based combat nowadays and Breakaway is sometimes really ...slow and a clusterfuck with tons of stun locks...
    Rawlings is completely the opposite of a few warriors, fast - sliding and really difficult to track, powerful class!
    I still couldn’t figure out how the “bullet traveling” works on a few warriors, sometimes I aim in front of the opp and still miss and sometimes I miss even though I had my crosshair on him/her. It could also be an issue from my high latency.
    I think the attacks from the long range Warriors could be a bit more “fast-based action oriented” especially for Anne Bonne.

    What I didn’t like at all was when someone was just a centimeter higher than me that I couldn’t manage to hit him with my BK and other warriors, close and long range. I’m not sure if it was my fault but some times I felt very disappointing and needed to jump up on his stone. (it could be my fault though, apologize)

    Movement feels unresponsive frome time to time, like when you’re in a perma stun lock there’s literally no way to get away when you RMB is on cooldown. I personally don’t mind it but sometimes I wish I just could doge out with WASD. I wish the movement would be a bit more smooth and fluent.

    To be fair here, I totally like the combat and movement from Breakaway, just it could be a little bit mroe fluent.


    User Interface (UI):
    I think there isn’t much to say. A very clear and well designed UI ingame.
    However the Lobby could be a bit more “inviting”. To me the Lobby looks quite dark-ish, lopsided and “boring”, the special BOOM is missing somehow. Overall, a very well succeeded UI outside and in a match. I would even request an overhaul to the Lobby UI, in my opinion it doesn't fit to the Breakaway feeling at all, sadly.


    Buildables / Deployables:
    I can’t talk about all buildables since I just played 3-4 warriors at max but I feel like the buildables from Morgan Le Fey should get a rework. They feel pretty useless compared to the other few buildables and easy to work around. Overall it’s a great idea and it works pretty well! BUT there is still more potential for buildables.


    I'm so in love with the Breakaway Art style, it looks simply stunning and beautiful! Who ever got up with the idea behind it, drew and created it, you're amazing! I love the comic style anyways and Breakaway literally nailed it. The Artists are top tiers, nicely done!

    Looking at you NocNoz! ;)


    I really like the idea behind real time statistics on your own and other streams. It worked flawless for me and I used the 'Reports Overlay'. However, I might switch to the 'Team Details Overlay' i nthe near future, suepr excited already! Keep up the good work with Metastream, it was worth the effort and time spent on it!

    I was using OBS Studio - didn't work on OBS Classic. Had no issues setting it up on OBS Studio cos the video explained it perfectly.


    Communication between Amazon Games Studio and Customers:
    I’m sure I’m talking for 50% of the community when I say I’ve never seen such a good, amazing, open, helpfully, nice and friendly communication between Devs, CM, Moderators, Support, actually the whole team behind Amazon Games Studio and the Customers (we).

    Talking with us on Discord, being on voice, telling us jokes, helping us straight with PM’s, visiting your twitch stream et cetera. I could say 1000 of positive things now which I’ve experienced within such a short time frame. Simply stunning!
    I’ve never seen such a amazing customer service, they’re literally friends with us which is just insane.

    For me it is by far the most important part of a game to feel welcome and to feel secure. This is what the Amazon Games Studio - Team nailed and topped 1000 times.


    It's really important for the playerbase to have a very detailed and a huge variety of customization possiblities. A game is living from the "change" and possibility to change your warrior to your desire. I wish Breakaway would have had more gimmicks, changing your weapon - the color, the look, the grip, the front et cetera. The best example is CS:GO, they are doing it absolutely right and Breakaway is lacking in the variation.



    1. Will I play the game again and would I recommend it to someone else?
      Yes, I’m 100% sure I will play it again and recommend it to my friends. (As I did already)

    2. Does Breakaway have a bright future?
      Yes, yes, yes! Breakaway is unique on his own and got an absolutely beautiful artstyle with an intense gameplay.

    3. What would you like to see for the next Alpha Test (Beta):
      A completely well designed & polished and finished game

    Overall is Breakaway in an amazing state currently but I still think the combat and movement should get more love. It's very important and lacking in some aspects.

    I tried to write down suggestions and annotations I found during playing Breakaway without changing the gameplay or touching it but tried to make it more inviting, clearer, enjoyable and visually attractive.

    Feel free to give me Feedback, Criticize or any other information.

    Combat + Ingame UI:

    • Upgrade Shop during the match should be closable when pressing ESC and shouldn’t open the Option Menu straight ahead. The second time pressing ESC should open the Option Menu.
    • Player is standing on a small higher place which makes it really hard to attack and track him from the ground, no idea how to change it to be honest but it can be quite annoying.
    • While being in the upgrade shop, the icons on the left side should be a bit smaller but the improvement statistics more highlighted (more important than the icons)
    • Slightly smaller Relic Icon when someone is carrying it, barely noticeable what’s happening behind the icon when you are on the other side of the map (respawned)
    • Territory Win, the Relic should be more visible on the map after scoring when the camera moves to the top-down perspective
    • Remove the possibility to see the bought upgrade at the beginning of each match(round) on the scoreboard from the opposition till the first meet/fight in the middle. (You can directly see after each round what the opposition is buying and bought)
      *Hotkeys should be visible next to the spells when pressing ESC to make it more clear.
    • Add Relic Score to the Player of the Round besides Kills / Deaths / Assists


    • Crosshairs: different crosshairs + color should be available for classes like Anne Bonny, Rawlings
    • Character level ups should be more “exciting and more epic”
    • Triggered perks should show a small icon somewhere (at your HP bar maybe) so you aware of it and know the perk has been triggered
    • Save customizations like perks, skins et cetera. after starting the game up again. It is really annoying activating everything again cos it should be saved


    • Behind buildable “Wall” from Thorgrim - Attacks and Spells shouldn’t be able to hit you or maybe with less damage
    • Lower the sensitivity to place a buildable when someone stands in it. Sometimes you can’t place it down even though he isn’t that close


    • Possibility to see the last 3 scoreboard from the match on the home screen, maybe a new tap at the top
    • Long names on Scoreboard lead to overlap between names
    • Option to enable ‘Spacebar’ for a quick buy opportunity in the ingame shop. Click on the desired upgrade and press spacebar for a quick buy.
    • Adding the Warrior name next or below the Player Name when pressing ‘Tabulator’ to see the scoreboard. Example: Eschter (Anne Bonny)
    • Warriors should receive slightly less HP when getting attacked in their own base


    • The Character ‘Arrow’ on the Minimap doesn’t look like an Arrow, it’s barely noticeable where the tip of the arrow is looking to.
    • Minimap is completely confusing and unclear. Buff icons aren’t highlighted and small, Trap icons X are nearly too big and creating a clusterfuck on the minimap

    Kill Cam:

    • A specific button for the ball view should be added. So you can directly skip to the ball cam and have a view of the ball instead clicking through all buttons and views
    • Respawn time should be shown in the middle of your screen. Easier to communicate and getting ready to spawn


    • Keyboard/Controller Bindings are missing totally, for Keyboard and Controller
    • Video / Graphic - Option: more variety (also Fullscreen Borderless is missing)
    • Option to resize the User Interface due to different resolution, eye damage, monitor et cetera.
    • Colour Blind option
    • FPS / Latency visual display
    • Add an option to enable LMB holding for auto attack continuous
    • Add the Taunt button at the MVP - Voting (For people who don’t know the key binding)
    • Maybe add a Clan System (it is never wrong to have a Clan system added to a game in my opinion)

    User Interface:

    • Add a small clock - time of the day at the home screen. Some guys don’t have a second monitor neither their smartphone or any timer close by
    • While being in a group and after queueing up, every member should be still able to visit the “Warriors” section
    • Matchmaking pop up: Notification to accept the match while being out tapped
    • Home Screen (Lobby): Show a notification message “Clicking this image will minimize Breakaway and open the following website” as example, before opening the browser after clicking on the advertisment left side directly.
    • Make it more visible how to start a match against bots, maybe add the button next to the casual matchmaking queue. Pretty hidden at the warriors section
    • Adding a small top-down view map from the current chosen map during the warrior selection
    • Adding a remaining time during the warriors selection to get ready before accidently being locked down with a warrior you didn’t want to play
    • Add the Taunt Emote to the Tutorial
    • Add Private Matches
    • Add a lot more customization variety and possibility, it's really important

    Social - Group Interface:

    • Add a “Social / Friends” Tap at the top bar to make it clearer. The small “head” icon can be really hidden
    • Group Leader Crown is difficult to see while being in the home screen and lobby, maybe move it to another place or make it more visible
    • Every group member should have the permissions to invite friends
    • Possibility to write to your team(group) while you’re dead and watching the cutscene
    • Possibility to write at the home screen with your group and add a whisper tool for people on your friendlist.
    • Remove the “Quit” - Button from the left side below while being in the Warrior selection. When you are browsing through the Perks, Skins and Taunts you can accidentally mistake the quit button for the back button (on the right side below)
    • Add statistic to Breakaway, like Kills, Destroyed Buildables, Relic Scores et cetera for the future. (But please no k/d, it’s an objective game)



    • Add Atlantis FAQ to the Help section
    • Add Atlantis Map to the test maps
    • More detailed information about the ingame buffs, if they will disappear after dying, if the have a running timer et cetera.
    • Possibility to change the name one time for the first time login Breakaway. Some people don’t like or are unhappy with their current Twitch Name
    • Is there an existing Lore/Story about Breakaway and their Warriors?
    • Fix all those Launcher issues and game issues, this should be highest priority to offer an amazing alpha stage for the next time

    Merchandise & Breakaway Sub-Button:

    Website & Forum:

    • Make it possible to stay logged into the Website. Whenever I restart my PC I've to Sign In again with Twitch, it isn't much work since it's only one button to agree but I would greatly appreciate it
    • There's no search function on the Forum as far as I'm aware of
    • I would greatly appreciate it, if the Forum would be more important - As example Chats, Friends, Followers and Notifications and more
    • Bold - Words/Sentences aren't visible on Smartphone Firefox

    The game at its current state is already amazing and we all want the best for it so I tried to be as helpfully as I could without touching the gameplay. Everything what is written down on this thread comes from my thinking and can digress with your thinking which is absolutely understandable. Feel free to give me Feedback, Criticize or information.
    At the end of the day it still depends on the Amazon Games Studio Team what’re they going to do after the pre alpha.

    Breakaway is in the best hands for a very bright future and I wish everyone a merry christmas and a wonderful 2017. :snowman: :santa_tone1:

    Please don't forget but understand and accept that this thread contains only feedback and suggestions from my perspective . I’m trying to help and explaining it as good as I can. All numbers, letters and miscellaneous are just advised from me. (Sorry for the wall of text and basic English)

    So long, Eschter (Dominic). :blush:

  • @Eschter

    Wow Eschter, I'll be honest with you... this is indeed an amazing feedback and suggestion thread, mate.

    I disagree with you that all classes are well balanced but as you mentioned already, it wasn't enough time to test all the warriors.
    Your suggestiosn are simply amazing and I agree with literally all of them.

    Quote Eschter:" The Character ‘Arrow’ on the Minimap doesn’t look like an Arrow, it’s barely noticeable where the tip of the arrow is looking to."
    The arrow is really very irritating and I also wish they would change it completely to a more looking arrow on the minimap.

    The best idea is the Merchandise Shop though because I want a Breakaway T-Shrit too. :)

    Your twitch streams were also really neat, I was watching you from time to time. Great job on the thread and streams, keep it up dude!

    Simply amazing thread, I appreciate your help Eschter.

    I wish you and your family merry christmas and a wonderful 2017.

  • Amazing feedback! We will take time to review it and discuss it with the team.

    (Thanks for the uplifting kind words about the art style, really appreciate it) :blush:

  • Amazon Game Studios

    @Eschter Wow. That is awesomely detailed. Thank you so much for taking the time to write all of that up. We'll definitely take all of that back and triage along with all the other feedback we've been getting

    On a technical note, I understand the difficulty in playing from the EU. Those are certainly not ideal ping times. We run on Amazon GameLift, so hopefully we'll be able to expand to more of the regions they support in the future ( As of right now, as you noted, the servers are in Virginia and Oregon in the United States, so it's understandable that you'd be getting some high latency. We'll obviously be doing our best to optimize that experience in the future as well.

    Thanks again!

  • @Nocnoz said in Very Detailed Feedback & Suggestions & Annotations:

    Amazing feedback! We will take time to review it and discuss it with the team.
    (Thanks for the uplifting kind words about the art style, really appreciate it) :blush:

    Amazon Game Studio gave us the opportunity to test their pre alpha game Breakaway. The minimum you guys deserve from us were honest feedback from the community and as far as I can see, you guys received a lot of feedback!

    The Art, tip top... can't wait to see your future Warriors and Projects. 10/10 :blush:

    Thank you for spending hours on my stream the other day @Nocnoz , I felt so special!
    I wish you and your family a wonderful merry christmas and still a good vacation.


    @ReticentCouch said in Very Detailed Feedback & Suggestions & Annotations:

    @Eschter Wow. That is awesomely detailed. Thank you so much for taking the time to write all of that up. We'll definitely take all of that back and triage along with all the other feedback we've been getting
    On a technical note, I understand the difficulty in playing from the EU. Those are certainly not ideal ping times. We run on Amazon GameLift, so hopefully we'll be able to expand to more of the regions they support in the future ( As of right now, as you noted, the servers are in Virginia and Oregon in the United States, so it's understandable that you'd be getting some high latency. We'll obviously be doing our best to optimize that experience in the future as well.
    Thanks again!

    I'm here to say thanks to you and all the team who were behind creating Breakaway and the team who set up Breakaway pre Alpha, the streams and literally everything. The Alpha worked flawless and was by far the best test weekend I've ever had.

    Hopefully I was able to point out some nice good additions to Breakaway even though it is amazing already and now I can't wait for the future anymore!

    I just thought I would add the test Latency and the gaming experience to the feedback as I've experienced my playtime. I wasn't complaining at all since the game even worked better than I expected it to be. I totally enjoyed every second of Breakaway BUT not the game and time you kicked my ass! :)

    As a sidenote, I wouldn't mind playing on US - Server in the future if the there won't be an EU server (due to population, technical issues or anything else), if you need an honest feedback and answer.

    Thank you for being here @ReticentCouch , I wish you and your family a wonderful merry Christmas!

    Best wishes,

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