Feedback and Suggestions on the Game as-is

  • Where to even start, tbh this game looked the least interesting out of the 3 Amazon is releasing. So I went in with low expectations and I'll say I was pleasantly surprised. I mostly played Spartacus so my view comes from his gameplay.

    This game is 100% skill based no luck involved. It is highly dependent on communication and teamwork and the game comes with no tools to facilitate that. So if I'm solo queuing I'm gonna be stuck as the relic carrier to try and carry my team. The skill gap and winning odds between a premade group and a pick up group are huge. I think a good solution would be ranked solo que matches (same 4v4 but everyone qued solo) and either no one has chat to make it even or implement an in game chat. I think a good set up for ranked ladders would be solo, duo, and quad ques.

    On the subject of skill, ranged characters attacks have a huge skill gap between an average player and a good player. Movement is disabled while shooting unless you jump right before. Then your shooting is slower than standing unless you shift slide down. Then to top it off certain buffs don't effect jump shots. I think this all needs to be re-looked at, either make movement available while shooting to simplify it all or reward the complication.

    Gameplay is 100% relic based as well. Over time I learned team fighting, buffs, and gold collecting are just distractions to scoring and defending the ball honestly, a good team doesn't need to kill anyone to win. Team kills only happen on over extended pushes into the enemies goal. If defense is lacking a Spartacus can end a game in 30 sec of gameplay.

    There's enough variables in the game to make things unpredictable between buildables, team wiping, buffs, and the relic. But I think when we get to high level play where defense is most of the focus, the game will just boil down to who has control of the ball during the last couple seconds of the timer. It's going to make the game out to be long drawn out boring matches. Atlantis could be an exception because it's harder to defend with 5 lanes of traffic as opposed to 3 on El Dorado. I think one solution to fix a lot of these problems would be to add a relic spawn timer of 30 sec or more at the start of a match. This would shift the focus of the beginning of the game to rushing buffs, destroying buildables, and setting up for the ball to spawn.

    Lastly store items and perks need a lot of tuning. Prices of things make for a lack of options at the beginning of the game. The 4th upgrade perk is usually so strong that it makes it hard to branch into other items without being pigeon-holed into getting it first. For example as Spartacus I have to spend my 1000 on DMG and keep building it or I'll just be free gold and kills for the rest of the match. I've tried other builds but once the other team has purple damage all your health regeneration out of combat is worthless because you die in 3 seconds. The only semi useful one is respawn timer but again you're just feeding their team. There needs to be some more reworking and balancing in that area.

    All in all, I think you have a great concept going that will take off. It is a purely competitive game that's different from anything else right now and I think that's what makes it feel special.

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