Thorgrim's Damage Reduction with Atlantean Armor lvl 4

  • I'm not sure if this is a bug or that it's intended.

    All warriors start out with 0% Damage Reduction (DR) except for Thorgrim who starts out with 5%. For all heroes except Thorgrim you get 20% DR from Atlantean Armor's tier 4 bonus for a total of 20% DR.

    For Thorgrim however the 20% DR from the tier 4 bonus gives a total of 6% DR (an added 20% of 5% which is 1%). I know the calculations are all correct, but I wonder if this is intended. Shouldn't Thorgrim be getting 25% DR? Or does it just display it wrong on the Equipment page, but he actually DOES get 25% DR?

    Here, for example, is Anne Bonny with Atlantean Armor lvl 4:
    alt text

    And here is Thorgrim with Atlantean Armor lvl 4:
    alt text

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    @Tradios Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I always go for that upgrade with Thorgrim and I didn't even notice!

  • @ags_aw tbh, I only noticed it when I went into practice mode to record all warrior's starting stats so I could put it on the Breakaway Gamepedia. Noticed Thorgrim was the only one that starts out with some Damage Reduction and wondered what Atlantean Armor would do to it.
    Curious to find out if this was intended, just a visual bug, or that his Damage Reduction in the game is actually wrong too.

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