Advanced Techniques and How to Play While Servers are Down (+ more!) (Long post)

  • Hi! My name is quadox, and here I will post some of the fun techniques I found while in the practice room, and, at the end, there will be guides on how to:

    • Turn off motion blur, and/or turn on windowed fullscreen
    • Play in offline practice while the servers are down (yuupp!)
    • Limit the excessive shadowing on Atlantis map (increasing visibility)

    I reallllly wanted to make a video of me putting these techniques into action in real matches, but sadly it is almost impossible for me as I live in Sweden and have 200+ping. Aside from that I also have bad fps hence why some of the clips are in 1280x720 resolution (pls santa send me gpu for christmas thnx haha). Therefore, i've basically spent most of my time in the practice room.

    I will use

    a comment like this to explain in text how to do stuff.

    Let's start with some basic stuff to establish the terminology I use (yes it largely comes from smash bros =p ).
    Aerial = Primary while airborne
    Neutral = Primary while grounded

    Short hopping
    The video just shows some varying jump heights.

    Just briefly tap space

    Fast falling

    Shift while in the air

    Okay, let's get into the real stuff.

    Fastfall aerials
    This is likely the most optimal way to attack while staying mobile, with the added benefit of you being grounded and thus having more control than during 'regular' jumpshots. Some characters have more effective or quicker fastfall aerials, while some have slow or difficult ones.

    Shorthop -> Shift -> Aerial --- the quicker the input, the quicker and thus more effective the attack

    Some examples below

      Probably the easiest to perform
    Anne Bonny:
      Difficult to perform, also very useful to her however (her neutral attack animation is so long)
      Short range, but once you learn to 'circle' the opponent i think it will be very useful, especially in closecombat vs victor etc.
      I haven't played him enough to know, but he can maybe use it to avoid the opponent's follow up, as seen in the vid vs spartacus.
      More testing is definitely needed.

    As of now (I haven't tested enough to be sure), I would roughly rank the characters' fastfall aerials as:
      Rank A   Anne, Alona
      Rank B   Spartacus, Morgan
      Rank C   Thorgrim, BlackKnight (May very well be B tier, I just haven't played them enough)
      Rank D   Rawlins, Victor (Rawl doesn't need it, Vic can't do it)

    Ledge cancel (you may have seen this already, if so you can skip it if you like)
    Very situational technique, but fun to execute and could be useful in the future for optimization. It can be done with both range and melee heroes, though the melee one is very hard to get anything out of (at least my boy Spartacus).

    Range (All except victor):
    Melee (Probably all, but BK untested):

    Jump -> Aerial -> Land on ledge -> Slide off the ledge while in the animation -> Aerial -> Land on ground

    Ledge float
    Now, the tech used in the ledge cancel can be used for some other fun stuff!
    The ledge float makes it look like you are hovering/floating for a moment, hence the name.

    Fall off a ledge -> Aerial -> Slide across to another ledge, land on it.

    Ledge cancel into float (Ledge float cancel? Idk, it doesn't even need a name it's so hard).
    This is very hard to do and probably 120% useless in combat, but interesting anyway.
    The two previous techniques put together result in us being able to do three aerials in quick succession!

    Now let's get into some character specific stuff; sadly I have mostly explored Anne Bonny and Spartacus (my mains), and so the techniques in this section is almost 100% exclusive to those two.

    Anne Bonny

    Jump above the trampoline -> Shift + Aerial attack + Q/E/R
    (The difficult part is the timing, you want to 'begin pressing' the desired ability at the same time you press shift, and the aerial a fraction of a second after the shift).

    Perform the above trampoline cancel with R, but with a certain timing (I find it has to be 'quicker' for the cannon jump to work).


    Hold out the buildable -> Jump on the ramp from behind -> Spam the place key, or time it -> Land on the ramp.

    Jump onto the ramp from 'behind' it -> Use your R (retribution) at the same time as you land on the ramp.
    Reverse version is the same, except you start at the other side of the ramp, but you have to turn midair before landing.

    Stand behind ramp -> Jump -> Throw relic up with E while midair -> Execute a regular ramp boost!
    Timed right you will catch the relic in the air (and it is pretty easy to time it).

    • W primary cancel
      Probably useless to know, but i had a thought that maybe it can be used to chain some opponent who can't attack back in time, this could be tested fairly easily. IIRC one attack allows the enemy about 30-35 frames between hitstun end and your next strike, so it would have to be versus some slow character like the black knight perhaps. (Or maybe some of the ranged like anne or victor is slower?). Anyway, I included it just to show that movement interrupts the spartacus primary chain early (shift does the same as W).


    First of all, know how to open the console. For me it is left ALT + §. Which is the same as left ALT + The key under ESC. It may be ^ or * for you for example (depends on keyboard language).

    You can also add a line 'r_fullscreenwindow = 1' if you want windowed fullscreen that is missing from gui.

    Launch the game -> Open console whenever possible (alt + key under esc for me) -> Type 'Map 01_eldorado_a_temple'
      (You are now in an empty map without respawns)
    Press esc to open menu -> Press exit to menu -> Click on 'warriors' and enter the practice room the normal way
      (You now have practicedummies, and respawn on like normal)

    Open console -> Type 'sys_spec_shadows 1', if it doesn't work type 'sys_spec_shadows 2' or 'sys_spec_shadows 7' -> See the bright results.

    • Access both maps
      You can use the 'Map' command in the console to load any map. Below are the map tags.
        Eldorado - '01_eldorado_a_temple'
        Atlantis - '02_atlantis_a_dome'

    Command list:

    Thanks for reading, hope you learnt something, feel free to comment your thoughts. =)

  • @POTMGuy Added to the end of the guide!

  • This is awesome dude! Where can I find all the console commands tho?

  • AHhh man thank you!

    I was going through the console commands but never bothered to try anything other than turning the sun off.

    You're my hero.

    I also wanted to mention that I like a lot of those techniques. We were all too busy playing online to spend any time in the practice arena, and it looks like it would have paid off!

  • This is so awesome! Thanks for the write up.

  • @Quadox Thanks! I figured that when you \ <tab> it lists all of them in the console. But some of the moves you got helped me find some new ones. Did you wanna discuss some of them?

  • Really amazing post! Unfortunately when I made my youtube video about aerials and ledge cancelling I did not know about fast falling. Great tech. Quite honestly my impression of this game was not good until I found some of the tech. I hope other people aren't immediately turned away by what feels like clunky combat at first until you learn how to play the game.

    Again, amazing post!

    Edit: I practiced jump -> Fast Fall - > Aerial on Alona and Anne Bonny and I got it 100% ez pz on Alona but it's rather hard on Anne Bonny. Probably got around 80% success rate on Anne Bonny with some streaks of success. I think it probably increases Alona's attack rate over regular jump -> aerial by about 10 - 15%. With Anne Bonny its gotta be somewhere around 40-50% faster. Honestly at that point it feels like Anne Bonny's kit is just completely marginalized and if you are a JFFA (Jump Fast Fall Aerial) master you might as well just spam that all day. You deal ridiculous damage while JFFAing with Anne. Alona's kit synergizes perfectly well with aerials though and definitely feels useful despite the power of aerials.

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