Curse Client Integration - Thoughts from the Alpha

  • Hey everyone! I kept seeing people ask if anyone used the Curse client during the Alpha, and thanks to Mr. Sil being a company man, I got a good amount of exposure to it. I wanted to give my thoughts on how it worked, and some ideas moving forward.

    Curse Client - Pre-made Group

    Most of my exposure with the Curse client was with a group of 4 that was already partied together. Initially there was a lot of confusion & setup to get us all together in one session and keep together. We partied up in game, joined together outside of the game on a Curse call, and then joined a match as a party. Once the match completed, the auto-matchmaking kicked us all out of the call. We got on another call outside of the game, turned off the auto-matching setting for Breakaway (Curse Client > Settings > In-Game > Breakaway > Auto Matchmaking) but it would still kick us out after every match. We tried joining a voice lobby in the Breakaway Curse Server but the auto-matching would still remove us out of that lobby when wrapping up a game. I would hope that in the future, calls established outside the game, or groups within the server's lobbies (like discord), would not be affected by auto-matching. Not certain if this is within the Breakaway team's control though.

    What we ended up doing, was joining a session when partied up before queuing via the Curse overlay in the bottom left corner, queued up, played a game, got kicked once the game finished, repeated those steps. One other thing I noticed is that the "session" that Curse allows you to join in the pre-queue lobby with your party is a different session than the one you would join if you tried from the character select screen after you found a match. It's as if the game has 2 separate sessions, one for partied members and one for team members. This isn't clear and it would be nice to switch between the 2 sessions easily (likely a Curse feature instead of something breakaway team can control). This would be especially useful if lets say a party of 3 joined a game, wanted to switch over quickly to say something to the lone teammate, and wanted to switch back to party chat once the game finished. It would also be nice if the client took the initiative to switch you back to the party chat session once the match completed and you went back to lobby. Overwatch has a very good system setup that works similar to how I'm describing.

    Curse Client - Auto-Matching once in game

    I did occasionally get to use the auto-matching feature which worked nicely when I wasn't playing with a team (which was very rare) so I invite the community members that had more exposure with this to comment with their feedback below.

    I was curious as to whether or not the devs have decided to have integrated voice chat, if the game will come with a version of the Curse client integrated, or if it will require a separate download of the Curse client/use of the webclient to function. Personally I think the best option would be a combination of the first 2 options. Requiring people to download separate software on a game that requires such heavy teamwork seems like a way to dissuade players that would like to chat during solo queue. That being said, seems that Curse is the future of voice chat for Amazon and if you would like to join the Breakaway community on Curse, Click Here. Thanks for reading this truckload of words. -Nov4cane

  • My friends and I just disabled auto-matching for Breakaway.

    Three pieces of feedback:

    • It shouldn't auto-match if you're already in a Curse voice chat, or even better, it could give you an option to decline the auto-match
    • If you go into an auto-match from an existing voice chat, it should put you back in your original voice chat
    • Don't change my Curse name and picture. The overlay shows my PC's name when I first start the game, and then once I'm in a match it shows my Twitch name. Also, it always shows the placeholder image instead of my Curse avatar.

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