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  • Hello all!

    I have to say I'm excited to see where this game is going in the e-sports community and I feel this game has so much potential. Out of all the good things that can be said about this game and its unique structure there are a some major complaints I had about this game as well.

    1. The basic attacks are too clunky and basic, especially for melee heroes. I know this is in alpha and things are probably going to change, but I feel like a two combo slash for Sparticus for example, felt incredibly clunky and I often times felt as if I was just spamming the left click button waiting for my cool downs. And more often than not, when I was trading blows with another Sparticus, it was just a trade back and forth which didn't make for engaging combat. (However this could just be my inexperience as a player, more so than the attack animations.) Regardless, I feel that attack animations need some work especially for melee heroes.

    2. I understand the concept the game is going for, it's a Rocket League mixed with Smite MOBA, which is the most appealing to me. However I feel the game is bogged down quite a bit when the opposing team scores making it for some slow gameplay. I look at it in two aspects: issue 1 - If this did gain momentum to become a competitive e-sports game, if you have one team that is far superior in skill than the other team, the games are only going last 5 ~ 10 minutes. If it's a best out of three maybe 20 ~ 30, but that is only one team has a greater advantage of skill. We saw a couple of instances during the streamer showcase games more specifically the day one games. Issue 2 - I understand the concept that the team is going for when someone scores the relic and the ball resets to the middle, however I feel that the quick action game play that the developers are aiming for are quickly lost and restricted by a short timer and making sure that it's fair for both teams to reach the ball.

    Solution: Extend the timer to 15 minutes and make the game play ongoing - like basketball. If another team scores the relic of the opposing team, don't reset the game completely. Instead push the enemy team back to their spawn and give the relic to the opposing team that failed to defend the goal. That way the game play is flowing continuously, it's fast pace to go back into position, and it still gives the teams quick, but ample time to upgrade their hero. The match ends after 15 minutes and whoever accumulates the most points wins. For the team wipe win condition, if one team dominates the other team through force, that would be a perfect time to reset the match with the current timer and place the relic in the middle. For territorial victory, where-ever the ball is give that team a point for having the ball furthest.

    These are just some opinions that I had of the game, I had the pleasure of playing this both at the Amazon party in San Diego as well as TwitchCon and enjoyed my time with the game, however the Alpha to me felt lacking of my joyful experiences that I had back then. I'm still very hopeful that the game will do very well and help put a new taste into the MOBA experience. Please feel free to disagree with the suggestions I've made and I hope to hear back some constructive criticism! :D

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