Single Biggest Issue About Breakaway...

  • I know that I can't be the only person to have noticed this issue, but it's easily the biggest problem with this game. I didn't really notice it during TwitchCon, but now after playing it for a full weekend during the alpha, it has become all too clear...

    Breakaway has ruined all other games.

    Yesterday, I was heading home to start my stream. Since the alpha weekend was over, I started thinking to myself "What am I going to play? Maybe I could play some SMITE... eh, nah." I've played SMITE for the past two years. I love that game. But after watching one of my favorite streamers playing it yesterday, I couldn't help but think how boring the game seems now.

    I looked at a bunch of other games that I have available to me... Batman Arkham series, Titan Fall, Halo, Diablo 3, Overwatch, the list goes on. I ended up playing Outlast because I wanted to feel that adrenaline rush again.

    YOU HEAR THAT DEVS?! You've forced me to submit myself to playing horror games. Damn you! Damn you all for making such a great game!

    I love you. Don't change.

  • I found myself playing smite more after playing this honestly. The gameplay feels smoother. Still enjoyed breakaway though

  • LOL this is hilarious. But seriously I think all fans of the game have had some "withdrawals" from not being able to play. I know I was stuck for a good week on deciding what to play and just thinking about playing Breakaway. It's tough man but have faith in the devs to make the game we love even better!

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