Some typo's in Perks / movement speed unit / AD abbreviation

  • Wasn't sure whether to post this on the bug forum or here but since I don't feel they are really bugs I'll just post it here.

    Typo's in Perks
    The following perks all say "it's" in stead of "its"

    • Anne Bonny's level 2 perk
    • Morgan's level 4 perk
    • Spartacus' level 3 perk
    • Victor's level 5 perk

    Movement Speed in m/s
    The movement speed stat in the buy menu just lists the movement speed without any unit (in the bottom left) however in the description of Herald's Boots and in some perks that give extra movement speed the unit is listed as m/s (meter per second).
    I feel the unit should just be removed since we don't have anything to compare it to (how much is a meter on the Breakaway maps?) and everyone understands that increasing the movement speed stat from 5 to 10 (just an example) would double your movement speed.

    You could also argue that movement speed should have a unit because it is not a dimensionless quantity. In that case I would say the stat on the buy menu should have the unit displayed with it as well (m/s)

    AD Attack Damage
    In the description of perks that give extra Attack Damage, Attack Damage is referred to as AD (at least I'm pretty sure that's what it means). Would be less confusing if it just says Attack Damage.

    I know this is all quite nit picky and it's probably more personal pet peeves but felt it was still important enough to mention.

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