Breakaway feedback I didn't put in the form

  • So before I start I just want to say that I really enjoyed breakaway and I am looking forward to seeing it progress. There are a few things which I think could be improved and I hope that these aren't things which everyone is mentioning (looking at you moving while attacking). The main point is information.

    1. More information on the ability tooltip
      Some of the tool-tips are really vague. I want to know how everything about the ability, how much damage and if it has an added affect how long does this last etc.

    2. Customisable HUD
      Everything from the map to the ability locations, I want to be able to move and resize it please. It is something small but really helpful.

    3. Ability to change keybinds
      Pretty self explanatory

    4. Knowing when an Ally ult is up or down
      It's something that can be done with a small indicator and is really beneficial to team play.

    5. Information about autos
      How much damage they do, if they have a knockback etc. Added on to this I would like to see attack speed and if there is any form of attack chain. Much like the ability section, more information is key!

    6. Information about buildables
      How much health they have, how much gold they give you etc. Some people say this is always the same, some people say it isn't.

    7. Enemy stats
      It would be nice if we could see the updated stats for enemies, how much health they have now with their build and things like that. It adds in for a more rewarding counterplay.

    8. The possibility to throw the relic further
      I am unsure on this one, I think it might be something that can be worth trying out. I always felt a bit underwhelmed whenever I threw the relic. Maybe a new character can throw further?

    9. Buff information
      Just to tell us exactly what you get from the buffs. If you mouse over them at the top of the screen you can see what the buff is giving you.
      If you mouse over the buffs tell me what they give you (how much health etc)

    I know some of these make it sound like the game is giving you everything on a silver platter but it isn't. Not having this information is just creating an artificial learning curve which weakens play especially at the lower levels of the game. If wanting to keep the interface nice and pretty like now, then you could add an additional information section.

    Just my 2 cents on things I felt were missing from the alpha and would like the see them in the game.

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