*Gameplay* What was Breakaway lacking?

  • Hi there,

    Before I start talking about the gameplay and what made the game less attractive. I have to say that I have played a lot of MOBA-genre games. This goes from Avalon heroes to Overwatch to Smite, Paragon, any MOBA out there. I probably have played for a short period of time or non-stop. Besides Dota.

    So the game had a pretty good release, The name Amazon lured me to the game since this name is already known for being a really big company. Besides that the game had some nice looking art on the website and the characters were really unique. Making a game where you have these characters battle over many objectives in a short period of time is already a succes. There were ofcourse some balance issues, but it is alpha (The issue was mostly Spartacus).

    Alright now straight to the points that made me hesitate the games potential of being a good e-sports game.

    1. Buildables
      The Buildables in the game give characters their own way of interpreting a sides defence. This is a real fun feature to the game which gives the game a ''defend your base'' aspect to it. Real nice. But the down side of placing your defence in the middle of a game can make people rage or get mad at their team for not building at all. Because who doesn't want to instantly get the ball and try to score. Maybe considering a time where people can build a defence before the actual game starts could make a difference. The spawn should probably be a bigger field where the traps can be placed. But at the same time having a trap in your pocket to use on the enemies side is still fun.

    2. Ball Dropping
      Whenever a team has the ball you want to get this ball to the enemy point as fast as you can and save. The buildables are there to stop the ball carrier from getting a ball into their spawn. This is a fun thing. Not only killing the enemy but also having to score a ball to get a win. The bad things about carrying a ball are the following.

    • Whenever you get interrupted the ball gets launched in the air. This is a good way of resetting a ball. But whenever you dash into a ball this does not give you the ball at all. You have to find your way into the mosh pit to get the ball while walking. There are no dashes that can give you the ball. So whenever you think you got the ball and want to get out of the mosh pit you try and dash whenever you received the ball. This is not as easy as it sounds. Since many times this was a good option in my head but in reality this is almost never possible. Many times i tried to get the ball and afterwards realising i just burned my normal dash instead of the dash you get when you are a carrier. This means if you are a squishy character and the enemy team is focussing well. You will get destroyed in a second. Can you run away? Nah you just burned your dash man...
    • The ball often gets dropped on the ground and lays there for maybe a second or 5. Many times you have to walk entirely over the ball to receive the ball. This meaning that your characters model needs to be colliding with the ball. If not the ball will just stand put. This also counts for the gold laying on the ground. Many times have i walked 5 times over a gold piece where i did not receive it. This could all be solved by giving the ball and gold pieces some attraction to the characters. Or maybe even with a special ability everyone has called attraction or something. This will give a player a field around him for 0.3 seconds that pulls everything to him. Just an idea.
    1. Animations
      Many times have I fought in fights where the enemy was capable of dealing 10 blows in a row. And thinking you could interrupt the enemies animation by attacking him. This does happen 50% of the times. It makes playing melee characters way easier than ranged characters. Because the animation times of a ranged character are shorter than the animation time of lets say a Spartacus. In some moments Ultimate abilities were even canceled because Spartacus was able to disrupt an enemies animation by just hitting him. I noticed attack speed was not implied to the game. So it was mostly just Spartacus base attack speed which destroyed many players.

    2. Falling of the map
      Having the ball in your hand and trying to juke your way through the map into the enemy base. This is possible. But don't try to act stupid and walk from the middle of the map to the border of the map. If you do get to a spot where you can fall down you are going to have bad time. 1 hit by Spartacus and you will be blasted of the field. If you try to walk from the middle to the side of the map. You will have to try and jump on the stone walls on the side. Which can mean if you jump too late. Bye bye! Throwing the ball of the map can be a cool strategic thing to do whenever you have 10 seconds left in the match. This is a fun thing and really keep this is there. But players falling of the map is happening too often. mostly because the movements of the characters are kinda uncontrollable.

    3. Shop
      The shop is fine. Cool concept and nice upgrades. Nothing much to add here. besides the fact that many items aren't being bought. Just because they aren't useful compared to the most picked upgrades. I thought about items which will separate roles in the game. Meaning that 1 person who is going for defence might want to buy health armor and maybe buildable dmg increase. When you play a ball carrier you might want to be buying movement speed, throwing distance increase or maybe even Crowd Control reduction. Separating roles in the game could be important for people to have more of a destination in their gameplay of what to do to help their team win.

    4. Ranking/elo
      The game queued people that played 40 games with people who played their first game. This might be just because it was alpha. Bu it was frustrating some times. Especially when you saw your team just not helping to win at all. And for being a competitive game this needs to be looked at. Not saying the level distance between players should determine whether they get queued together. It is more that, if the game has a good Elo/Ranking system like Overwatch. You will probably have a good competitive player base. Completely taking a wrong turn on this and your competitive player base will stop playing. This happened to a game called Paladins. This game had a ranking system in which people where placed from 0 elo to up to 5500. Somehow People from 4500 elo got placed with 3500. This made people rage, get mad at the game and getting mad at players. Many people left the game because they were unable to get a rank on their character or even a good rank on their account.

    These are just some of my thoughts on the game. I really enjoyed the ALPHA of Breakaway. And I hope this game will soon be playable again.

  • And YES I do know Breakaway is NOT considered a MOBA but a Teamsports Brawler

  • This game is a MOBA. Moba = Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

  • The Developers did say the game was no a MOBA but a different sort of genre they are calling a teamsports brawler. I am not the one giving this game a genre@Mythos_97

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