Feedback from Captainvelcro

  • Dear Breakaway Developers,

    I am 12 and I am a gamer. I would like to thank the breakout staff team for letting me tryout the alpha stage of the game. I love this game though a bit slow cause I think servers are not the best though I love Annie Bonny who just jumps and shoots people.

    Now onto the feedback…

    I will say the intro was well thought out and was well explained on how to play though I do think when placing your building down in the intro there should be a specific spot to place it. I also do think you need to add a explanation on the breakables.

    First Game
    My first game was amazing I would say the graphics are decent though I noticed it is very hard to kill people almost too hard to do even if I focused on a guy for 2 minutes. Other than that the breakables made no sense to be placed as they showed no real value in battle.

    Well thought out with tabs at the top and news in the middle and play at the bottom. I also love the champions tab because it shows the difficulty of the character and how it shows the character’s ability’s. Though I think you should add a section for what you updated and what's new and what’s changed

    Second Game
    I noticed that there is a glitch where it says round win instead of round won. I also think you should add a noise effect if you fall off the map as that happened to me 3 times.

    Another point about Buildables is their Health. I don't know how to make this balanced, but right now, in a 1v1, it seems like people can just destroy 2 or 3 Buildables before they get killed by whoever is trying to defend it. On top of that they get way too much gold clearing it and the buildables probably need an armor increase or something.

    People Pushing With Relic
    I hate people that just ran in like flash and just make a run for it and half the time the stupid strategy works. I feel that buildables should be able to target the person with the relic or something and, I think you need to make it easier to throw and pass.

    After a Match
    After a match I noticed it was a little slow going through all the slides and then another 4 seconds or so to look at stats for every player. Instead I think you should add an exit button so you can go to the next match or to the menu a lot quicker.

    Bugs I Found

    I found two bugs both hilarious but made me reinstall the game twice. The first bug was I found a loophole to look into your body by purposefully jumping into a wall many times and for some reason my screen glitched into my body from there I accidently placed a buildable and it decided to duplicate on the map and crashed my game. Leading to a reinstall later that day. The second glitch was a rapid fire weapon where I did the same loophole and shot my weapon. The weapon basically went crazy and projectiles went everywhere like enough that it broke my game and had to reinstall.

    I would like to thank you once again breakout team for letting me try the breakout alpha and I hope you continue your hard work as I really like this game. I really would love to see more of this game in the future I think it really has a bright future.

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