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  • Hey guys,

    Sorry this feedback is so delayed. After the Alpha I had a lot of stuff to catch up on that I was putting off. I also feel like I could've put more focus into being nitpicky and detailed, but with the length of the Alpha I think I was more stressed to just get some playing time in so forgive me for not being so detailed! (Also forgive me if I say something that has been said already. So much good feedback has already been left in the forums I wouldn't be surprised if I'm repeating stuff.)

    A lot of this is just based on personal preference but hopefully I've got some good stuff in here that could be seen as useful.

    Anyway here we go...

    I still noticed some consistency issues with status terms such as invincible and invulnerable used throughout descriptions. I think a standard word describing this state would be very useful when analyzing/reviewing character ability descriptions.

    I think there could be a better way to implement teaching the sliding technique. As of now it was just crouching in that beacon. I'm not sure everyone would understand that they actually "slid." Maybe the tutorial could require someone to slide through multiple beacons on the same slope during one slide instead.

    Just something I've noticed from people saying they don't like how you can't move while attacking/just after an attack. I know explaining the concept of "attack recovery" to people won't necessarily make them okay with it, but at least you can let the player know it's something that is intended and workable. For example you could warn them to "Be careful when attacking as it leaves you vulnerable for a certain period of time!" or something along those lines. Maybe you could even develop some sort of specific in-depth in-game tutorial series (scoring the relic, combat, movement, defense, etc.) where this concept is covered.

    Health Bar/Gold
    It seems like these numbers are a little too close too each other and it makes them look related. When I actually first played at TwitchCon I think I thought my gold was my max health, so maybe it could be displayed somewhere else. On top of this would there be a way to show what our max health is? Just for quick reference so a player can see what kind of damage they are taking after surviving an assault instead of eyeing the health bar and guessing (or having to remember what their stats said at the shop).

    Could there be character portraits on the map instead of little blue/red dots? This might take up some screen real estate, but I think it would be helpful especially if people are playing in a solo queue setting to know where a certain warrior is at any given time.

    Relic Physics
    Since the relic resembles a ball I kinda expect it to be a little more roll-y. As of right now it kinda seems like a cube with a spherical appearance (with the exception of it being on a slope). Have you guys considered making it a little more mobile while not being touched?

    I personally feel like there is enough space on the screen to show the stats for every tier for the specific item and highlight the ones that you have already built instead of the current format which is next tier stats, current tier, and tier 4 bonus description. It makes it a little easier to map out a build path when you can immediately see all the steps along the way to the final tier. Ex: Sword of Mars, +10Attack, +20 Attack, +30 Attack, +40 Attack (+10% Bonus Damage) will be shown when I select Sword of Mars.

    Also at round start, would it be possible to make it so that the shop isn't forced open? I understand that it is a useful reminder to buy items before the round starts, but I personally like to press tab and review what my opposing team comp looks like before buying and potentially counter-build. This is just a personal preference of mine.

    And would we also be allowed to use the Undo feature up until the round starts? I can understand disabling it after closing the shop window while the round is underway, but it's nice to have the ability to undo while there isn't any action happening.

    I guess this isn't really about how this alpha was executed, but rather just some information I feel would have been pretty useful when the alpha came out. I personally feel it would have been pretty useful to know the base values and scaling ratios were for each ability before we got the patch notes. Through some descriptions we can piece together the damage output for certain abilities and primaries, but it would be cool if we had all of the numbers in a presentable, easy-to-digest way. A few more suggestions of mine would also include ability/attack frame data and buildable stats including health and damage.

    Training Mode
    It would be helpful to have a training mode where you can manipulate what the bots do such as setting them to reacting in certain ways, using specific abilities, or placing buildables.

    Bugs I can't recreate but will try to see if I can get highlights of :(
    Unfortunately I was so wrapped up in trying to get in as much playing time as I could I wasn't always paying attention to my stream (which crashed a handful of times.) The two that really stuck out to me were both playing on Atlantis.

    One, I was playing a game on Atlantis. After we won, we were immediately kicked straight to the loading screen matched up against the same 4 people we just beat. We were then loaded into the game with 5 people on our team. We were then put back into the loading screen and played a game against 4 bots.

    Two, I would notice black squares pop up every now and then during big fights with tons of skills being used (also only noticed this on Atlantis). I really wish I remembered a bit more than that, but that's all I got...


    Again I'm sorry I couldn't keep track of as many bugs as I may have encountered. I got so caught up in just trying to play as much as I could this weekend and with the excitement of being able to finally play with the devs and the rest of the community I let some things slip by me. During the next opportunity to play I hope to be able to provide much more feedback than this time around.

    Thanks again for such an amazing weekend and for allowing me to be a part of this alpha experience and I hope my feedback was useful. Can't wait to play again!


    Edit: I really like how you guys denote silence and being slowed now by Morgan. Great work!

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