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  • Breakaway was great. Let me say that first and foremost. You guys have a great dev team, but also what makes this game exciting is that Amazon Game Studios has a vision for what people love most in games.

    Why I am so excited for Breakaway is because it combines elements of games that I have grown to love, naturally. Overwatch, League of Legends, Rocket League, Etc. That trinity of games seems to capture a glimpse of what Breakaway is. However, it doesn't do it justice either.

    Breakaway is capitalizing not only on gaming elements that make a game exciting, but additionally it makes sure to take what makes a viewing/spectating experience great, and elevate it. Even the small 4v4 arena is designed like an Aztec Ball Game to encourage a rowdy spectator audience. Though still in the works, I read an article on Amazon Game Studio's website talking briefly on the Twitch exclusive features that they will implement to further elevate the viewing experience, including overlays, statistics, etc.

    Yes. Yes. And Yes!

    The thing that a lot games fail to capture is making the spectating experience exciting. After all, if the game is great but its boring to watch, whats the point? Sorry to reduce it to that, but we can look through gaming history and notice so many titles that were GREAT but they failed to reach their full potential due to neglect on the spectator side. Even not in gaming. Anyone who was a fan of paintball at one point ('Member Paintball!?, 'Member!?) realized very quickly the difference between playing paintball...and watching it.

    This is where Breakaway needs to capitalize on and I think you guys are. Keep up the great work.

    Now, if I were to add my two cents of feedback in terms of what I saw at Twitchcon 2016.

    Everything was great, again. I'm excited for new heros, possibly new arena maps, etc. but thats so far down the road its not a big deal.
    I'm excited to see the meta develop when the alpha releases. HOWEVER, I noticed at TC that people have already been finding "cheese" ways to run the ball down the field, primarily thru just stacking movement speed as quickly as possible on someone like Rawlins. Now, I'm fine with this because thats what movement speed should do in a fast-paced game such as this. But, I am just worried that everyone is going to just end up rushing movement speed and then the game turns into who can throw it deep to the speedy Rawlins and have him gun to the other side, not even necessarily worrying about the other team.

    I am unaware of the updates and changes since TC. They could've tweaked it, etc. I just wanted to be able to give some sort of feedback to a great game that I want to be a part of!


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    Thanks for the kind words Brutalslayr. Making Breakaway “Trilling to Watch” is a key goal for the game. This goal has guided a lot of our development – from specific features like spectator mode to the intrinsic design (focus on the ball, quick fast-paced rounds with breaks, a small playing field you can see all at once, etc.). We also want to do more around making the action more readable and celebrating the hype moments in-game.

    Also thanks for the feedback on movement speed. We want a deep meta that rewards a variety of strategies, so we’ll keep our eyes out and take action if movement speed starts to dominate.

  • @Brutalslayr Great post! I wholly agree with your point about the spectator's esport. If this game has any future in esports (or really, even if it doesn't), it needs to be fun to watch, especially when it comes to Twitch. I would imagine a fair amount of viewers on Twitch go there when they want to check out a new game. I personally have always looked for gameplay (not "trailers") of a game before I buy/play it - with Twitch, we get it live and with interactive commentary! So if it's fun to watch, it will certainly help with it's acceptance. And from everything I saw in Twitch chat over the TwitchCon weekend, viewers were pretty hyped about this game, and were completely enthralled.

    One thought about the "cheese" comps. I don't know that you'll ever get rid of that completely - this sort of thing happens in most any game. However, as a player, you learn to adapt to those situations. Over the TwitchCon weekend, I was on the team that ran the "Sparty Party" comp on stage - 4 Sparticuses... Spartici?... whatever. When we were backstage playing it, we went up against a team that just didn't know how to handle it, and we went 3-0 against them.

    When we got on stage, we went up 2-0 against the opposing team until they realized that they could just wait for us to come in to their base and then destroy us. Then they started taking out our ramps and our masterplan went down the tubes. I would imagine you could play the same way against a Rawlins with speed boost. You know he's going to be carrying the Relic, plus he's doing less dmg because he's stacked speed boost, so a tank like Black Knight could pull him and lock him down pretty easily as your team burns him.

    In any case, I'm really interested in seeing how 1) different characters interact with each other and see different comps develop and 2) different "builds" come about. It'll definitely take some time to see how all of this stuff works out.

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